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newspaper print nails

My new found love of Pinterest has caused much time to be wasted. Usually until I have stimulated my design and crafty senses to the point that I am bursting. (you can follow me if you want. i’ll follow you too and see what you’re pinning.)

I found this on pinterest during my maiden voyage. Apparently this is a cool style and all the kids are doing it.

via pinterest

Pretty awesome, right? Well, after a few minutes of searching, the only tutorial I could find on how to do this was in a foreign language that happened to be badly translated into English.

So I did my best to follow along. If you want to try this at home…it’s super easy. I certainly made some mistakes and tried new ways so I’ll have those tips for you in this tutorial:


The alcohol is actually alcohol, like liquor, not rubbing alcohol. All I had was a raspberry flavored rum but the description I saw suggested vodka. But after I did this project, I was curious to see what else I could find since between you and me, I didn’t like how they turned out. Using the rum, it slid off the nail too quickly and then made my fingernails sticky which didn’t allow for a smooth finish. I realized that it really should be rubbing alcohol after seeing a video tutorial and then trying it. It totally worked and made the ink mush more vibrant.

Aaaanyhoo…here goes:

With freshly clean nails, paint a coat of polish on and let it dry.
Tip: trying to be conservative and neutral, I just did a clear coat. All the pics I have seen, they’ve used a light color, like white, grey, light pink or any other pale color. I will use a color next time.

While you let your nails dry, or before you paint them, cut out pieces of newspaper, larger than each of your nails. I like to line them up so I know which finger they belong to. You kinda have to work fast with this project so preparation is a good idea.

When your nails are dry, you are ready to get started.

Step 1: dip 1 fingernail into alcohol for 15-20 seconds.

Step 2: place the piece of newspaper, print side down, onto your nail and press hard and roll your finger from side to side, making sure to get the print to the far edges of your nail. But try not to move the paper or let it slide around.

Step 3: carefully peel the paper from your nail.
Repeat with each nail.
Step 4: Apply a top coat or two. This is very important. It adds shine and keeps the ink from smearing away.

And that’s it! How easy was that? And in my opinion, it dries faster than two coats of just polish.

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