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my life in numbers

I’ve been on Earth for 11,494 days.

I have 2 sets of parents and 7 siblings.

I graduated high school 5111 days ago after having attended for roughly 1,975,680 minutes.

I met Matt 13 years, 6 months, 13 days ago.

We’ve been married for roughly 326,073,600 seconds.

Gibson has been in our lives for 513 weeks. I was poked with a needle 5 times during labor with him. I pushed for 1200 seconds.

Marshall is 31,896 hours old. He was born during week 6 of the 2007 NFL season. Specifically during the Oakland vs. San Diego game that the Chargers won 14 – 28. (I would know…I had it on while I delivered.) He took 2280 seconds before he was watching he game with us.

I have 1 tattoo.

I eat snacks 2 at a time. One for each side of my mouth.

My iPod is 80gb. Has 43.7gb free. There are 5343 songs, 12 videos, and 131 podcasts.

I started this blog 244 days ago, have posted 160 times and have had 10,745 views.

I have 144 friends on Facebook and I truly like all of them.

My phone number growing up was 227-0483. How the heck do I remember that?

I have known my best and longest friend for nearly 30 years, 11 months, 20 days.

I got my first computer in 1994. Since then I have owned 7 more.

I have been driving for 754 weeks.


It’s a little weird, seeing these time frames from a different perspective. If you’re interested in seeing your life in numbers, you can calculate between dates here. It’s super fun!


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