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the anatomy of a kid free weekend

Every six months, a local church hires us to film their very awesome and wonderful drama productions. They do a show on Friday night and on Sunday night. Therefore, we need to arrange for our kids to be somewhere. This year, my parents decided they would take the boys camping and we would have Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday to ourselves. It would be Marshall’s first camping trip with Abeulo and Nonni and he was THRILLED. We were all looking forward to this weekend…very eagerly.

But as the week progressed, it was obvious that the weekend would be a rainy one so the camping trip was cancelled. But my folks would of course still take the kids to their house. So instead of Marshall helping to pack up the 5th wheel and driving away in Abuelo’s big truck pulling the trailer, I had to meet them at IKEA to exchange the kiddos. This is a problem.

Lately Marshall has decided that at home, with mom and dad, is the only place he wants to be. Kicking and screaming ensued while I strapped him into his grandparents car (whom he absolutely loves dearly) and my heart broke in half inside, but my face was stern on the outside. As usual, within 15 minutes (and bribing him with dinosaur pancakes for dinner) he was totally fine with his present circumstances.

Thus, we were blessed with a kid free weekend.

And THIS is the course it took.

12pm: off work and home to pack the boys
2:30pm: meet at IKEA, listen for a train and take come pictures. Marshall tries to talk his way into either me coming with him or him coming back home with me.
3:30pm: home now and the guilt sets in. what’s my purpose now that my kids aren’t here? why is it so quiet. shouldn’t i be doing a puzzle with marshall or hanging out with gibson?
6:30pm:  work. gotta film this play. then we’re done.
8:00pm: sweet, were home. i spend the next few hours organizing the past couple months of photos. blogs, pinterest and facebook are well mixed in. starting to miss the boys. we talk before bed and marshall tells me he’s having fun. sigh and smile.

no timeline today. no plans. just slept in til 8 which is about 3 hours longer than i sleep on any day of the week.
the boys are great and still enjoying their time. we’re LOVING this. matt plays playstation, watches tv and listens to sports podcasts. i paint cardboard, cut and place photos in project life, think about my next projects, snap pictures, read blogs, create jewelry, relax on the couch, stitch embroidery, surf the internet, munch on snacks, slurp cherry coke, listen to music.

i left the scissors out on the table. i said curse words. we watched a movie with the volume up really loud. we ate pizza for dinner and ate brownies for dessert. we listened to the rain in peace. we enjoyed the bliss. pure bliss.

here are a few sneak peeks at what i worked on:



we’ve got all day. really we do. but time is ticking away. our weekend is almost over.
i got up at 7am and started working on my gift exchange project for my new friend kristan. my mind was flooded with ideas as i woke up so yeah, i’m super excited about this!
9:30am: matt finally wakes up and we decide we should attempt breakfast out.
11:30am: mel’s is the place because i can get a real cherry coke.
12:30 back home to enjoy the last 4 hours of freedom we have been blessed with.

by the time we get home at 8 tonight, my parents and the boys will be waiting here for us. i will be so excited to hug them and kiss marshall’s cheeks and see how tall gibson got over the last 3 days. i will be thrilled to give marshall a bath tonight and spend some chatty time with gibson before bed.

but this sure has been nice. better than a weekend away for sure. i feel good about our time alone.

but i miss these boys.


2 thoughts on “the anatomy of a kid free weekend”

  1. awww how funny and cute this was. You sound just like me and my hubby. What the heck do you do when the house is quiet and all yours. It’s pure heaven I tell you. I love the way you spent your weekend and how you wrote this post. I’m glad the the boys had fun and you could let go of the mommy guilt and have fun too. My hubby and I always choose to stay home rather then going out. The house is so nice and quiet and we can eat whatever we want and play on the wii without the kids fighting for a turn. We just had the house to ourselves Friday night and it was so nice we even went to Walmart at 8:00 and sat in a swing thinking about growing old and enjoying the quiet moments of just us. It’s funny I always organize and scrap too. I’m so glad you dd some of your PL. Have fun with your boys and yes lots of kisses and hugs are a must.

  2. I love my boys- but I think that being away from them every now and then makes me a better mama- I get to relax and go back to them refreshed! 🙂

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