retrohipmama style // pants and ponytails

apparently the theme for this week is pants and ponytails. the weather has been crappy which has made my ambition to do my hair severely lacking.


running errands today. rocking the braids and the hat so i didn’t have to do my hair.

Hat: Target
Paint splatter shirt: Kohls
Flares: Old Navy
Yellow flip flops: Old Navy


back to work after a long weekend. a trip up the hill to see my gram after work.

[marshall took this picture. check out the composition. pretty awesome for a 3 year old huh?]

Here are the outfit details:

Green tee: Target
Cardi: Kohls [check out the detailing on the back]
Brown belt: I wore it knotted for the first time.
Jeans and brown flats

Check out the hair…side braid! I guess it’s a cool benefit of longer hair!


I love days that I can be comfortable at work. It was a rainy day and it actually hailed buckets on my way home with crazy thunder and lightening. I love this outfit.

Striped hoodie: Kohl’s
Black jeans: Mervyn’s like 8 years ago
Black chucks


A client meeting today so jeans and chucks wouldn’t fly. But I was happy with my outfit today. Simple and classic. Another look that makes me feel like me. I had a similar picture posted on facebook a while back and someone commented: “not to be rude but you sorta look like a 50’s housewife.” Uh…yeah that’s kinda the point. They obviously didn’t know me very well. =)

Honestly, there’s no sense in telling you about my outfit, mostly everything is old. I can tell you that my little red shoes are Zappos via Marshall’s and they had no price tag so I got them for $10! I wear them as often as I can.


half day at work and preparing for a weekend without the kids. ahhhh. i braved a new color combo and tried coral and blue and khaki. LOVED IT!

striped coral shirt: unknown from a few years ago
khaki flares: Old Navy
white slip ons: walmart ($10) thanks to Leslie for the tip

SUNDAY: breakfast at Mel’s with the hubby.

another sunday in braids so i didn’t have to spend any time on my hair.

Grey hat: target
Green jacket: target
Jeans, tees and chucks

As always: linking up to Real Momma, Real Style and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy


15 thoughts on “retrohipmama style // pants and ponytails”

  1. I love all the outfits this week! With the pigtails and the red flats, you are so stylish! Plus, I love how you can wear pants from eight years ago! Sweet.

  2. You are awesome and cute this week. I agree with the above comments, would love to be you for a week and look so cool and stylish. Every outfit just got cuter and cuter. Love love that your wearing a ponytail, so jealous. I like the hat too and have just started thinking of wearing one again, haven’t since I was a kid but always loved them. I think the first outfit or the last one is my favorite but too hard to pick since they are all sooooo awesome.

  3. You, Hotty Mc Hotpants, may or may not be featured tomorrow. I may or may not be minorly in love with your 50’s housewife hair. I may or may not be minorly obesessed with just about everything you wore this week 😉

  4. Love the hat with the jacket and the shoes all perfect together! I just might have to go and snag me a hat now 😉

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