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embroidered vintage camera

when i saw this post and template from the crafty cpa, i knew instantly it would be a priority project.

i did a few embroidery projects when i was like 8 so it’s been a while to say the least.

using spare embroidery hoops and a scrap piece of beige muslin, i attempted my first embroidery project. i pretty much want to embroider everything now!

check out how to make one for yourself, from any template.

print or draw an image. if you draw one, make sure your lines are dark enough to see through your fabric.

place your fabric over the template and trace with a pencil. the pencil will snag and the fabric will move, just mark it likely, enough to see it without the template behind.

finished trace.

place the inside piece of the hoop under the traced fabric.

place the outer ring over the fabric and bottom ring, tighten the screw and make sure all the fabric is taut.

at this point, if you do not know how to back stitch…look up a tutorial video on youtube. it’s super easy.

with these templates that have simple lines, a back stitch is all you need.

see how cute!?!?!

just a few details because i’m kinda happy with how clean it looks.

don’t forget to sign and date your art.

i already have 3 more sketches ready to go…i just need more fabric. then i will have a little collection of embroidered vintage stuff. yay!

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4 thoughts on “embroidered vintage camera”

  1. ack! so so cute! love it! i’ve been itching to get my fingers embroidering lately… just waiting for the lego craziness to subside. ps. your email SO made me smile. thanks for all the feeback & comments. sometimes i wonder if i’m the only one chuckling at the screen, it’s good to know at least one other person is laughing at/or with me! 🙂 and i still super puffy heart your hand drawn list. you may see one of my own in the future! 🙂

    1. You’re not alone…I’m totally laughing WITH you! cause I can mostly relate!
      if you start embroidering…I wanna see. You’ll be seeing more from me soon!

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