weekend aspirations

“You gotta have goals…do you have goals?”
The wise Kit de Luca from Pretty Woman once asked that of a fellow hooka and that line has stuck with me since I was 13.

so these are my simple little goals for this weekend:

1) convince my dad to take us out on the boat | me and the boys are going to my parents’ house on Saturday to hang out with my sis and her kiddos and I’m hoping my dad will be up for firing up the Marlin and heading out to the lake.  it will be marshall’s first ride and i desperately need to sit in the open bow and feel the sun on my skin.

2) design a satchel for my bike | i currently have a canvas bag strapped to my handle bars but when i put something too heavy in it, like my camera or water bottle, it drags on the front tire. And I can sew…so I figured I could design something in the right size and a cute fabric with straps and flaps and snaps.

3) coke can earrings | i have 4 clean and empty coke cans that i plan to make earring out of.

4) blow bubbles with marshall | part of my goal to let go and have fun. we’re just going to blow bubbles.

What are your weekend goals?


1 thought on “weekend aspirations”

  1. I love love that line and that is my very favorite movie. Your goals sound wonderful and fun and peaceful on the lake. My hubby is jealous, he’s always wanted a boat. I can’t wait to see your pictures and blowing bubbles sounds like the perfect activity for the little one. I can just picture you riding a bike with a cute bag and wearing a cool hat with braids, you go girl. Well my plans are not that exciting this weekend but here goes.
    1. grocery shopping, laundry, scrapping for my daughter’s album for graduation, cleaning
    2. On Sunday return clothes and look for a jean skirt, cute top and new bra. After that going to get some high lights in my hair and back home to pack for my trip and help set up our pool.
    My sister just brought me over a dress tonight to borrow for my daughter’s graduation it is amazing and fun and perfect for Miami Florida. Will post pictures later to show you. Have a great weekend.

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