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5 jobs i would love to have

I have a job.
It’s not my dream job.
But it pays the bills.
I have a great boss, flexible hours and I’m 5 minutes from home so I eat lunch with Matt and Marshall (and Gibson during the summer) every day.


When i dream (which I do from time to time) about other jobs i would really enjoy, these are 5 jobs I’d rather have:

dancer | since i was a little girl in tap class. since i was in college taking a modern jazz class. since the second i watched So You Think You Can Dance. i want to move my body like some of those girls. i don’t want to just move my hips to the sounds of the dishwasher or a song in my head. (which i do by the way). my grama was a dancer but i just didn’t fill those family shoes.

mail carrier | seriously. i’m not even joking. i want to walk around outside all day and listen to my iPod. in the sunshine, in the rain, i wouldn’t care.

architect | i studied drafting and architecture for my entire high school career and then for 2 years at JC. it’s in my blood. my grandfather was a draftsman at Maire Island and my bio dad was a draftsman and carpenter. i {heart} floor plans. i love the physical drawing of smooth and perfect lines from a finely sharpened pencil. i remember the smell of the blueprint machine. i miss the tilted and semi-padded desks we used to draw on. i still have ALL my drawings, sketches and mock floor plans in a drawer. mmmm. makes me a little teary actually. just give me a minute.

okay i’m back. =)

flight attendant | i LOVE flying. taking off is the best and landing comes in a close second. when i was single this would have been THE BEST JOB. certainly not ideal for a wife and mommy so i will keep my feet planted on solid office-y ground.

full time mommy | my only real true dream is to one day be a non working outside the home mommy. and my kids are growing up fast.  but they are being well taken care of, right here, in our home, by their daddy.  that makes me happy. and my super awesome hubby is working his tail off to score jobs that get us closer to these big goals we have. little by little. until we get to that point, this is what we do. i go to work. he stays home. we reverse several roles in our lives. he does dishes and laundry. i mow the lawns (sometimes). none of the jobs above would truly fulfill me like this one would. this is my dream job. and someday i will get it!


1 thought on “5 jobs i would love to have”

  1. I love this idea and will comment more later when I come back from Florida. Also making me think of what my dream jobs would be, thanks for the idea.

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