retrohipmama style // getting creative

same clothes, nothing new. but trying them in different ways and with different uses. this week I got creative…and i liked it.

MONDAY: the weather was still gonna be a bit chilly before the heat wave so here’s what I wore:

Yellow cardi: Target
Black/white striped tank: Walmart
Pink undershirt: ?? but I wear it alot!
Skinny ankle jeans: my own alteration from flares
Pink flats: Ross
Feather earrings: handmade and customized by r.h.i. jewelry

Just being silly and i really like my hair today.

gotta show off my feather earrings from my girl rhiannon of r.h.i.

TUESDAY: finally a warm day and i broke out one of my favorite skirts. to add some flair, i tied a scarf as a belt. does it work?

Black tee: Kohls
Grey/green cargo skirt: gifted from a friend
Striped scarf: Target
Flip flops: Old Navy

THURSDAY: getting some use out of one of the only shirts i actually paid full price for. feeling okay with wearing it with khaki.

Gignham top: Kohl’s (paid $18 2 years ago)
Khaki skirt: Mervyn’s
Red flats: Primo via Ross

So I was all set for Gibson to take my picture when Marshall decided i was warm and sprayed me with the hose.

FRIDAY: feeling like it’s friday and the weather was warm. i wore a tank over a tee…felt weird at first but loved it after 5 minutes.

White tee: very old (i actually wore the tank over it so it covered the two holes in the back from me hastily ripping off the tag)
Black tank: Walmart
Jean skirt: Motherhood Maternity. Yup…it’s a maternity skirt that i still wear because the waist is comfy and it’s a slim fit.
Polka dot wedges: Target (Palm Springs in 2007)
Fabric flower belt: made my me
Fabric button ring: made by me
Earrings: Target

As always: linking up to Real Momma, Real Style and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.


12 thoughts on “retrohipmama style // getting creative”

  1. i love EVERYday.. 🙂 i love the pink/yellow combo… i feel like i can’t pull off yellow with my blonde hair. i LOVE the feather earrings.. but probably wouldn’t have the courage to wear them. i’m lame. this i know. i LOVE the blue shirt/khaki skirt combo with the red flats.. it’s like a modern channeling of dorothy from the wizard of oz.. and i mean that in the best possible way.. I LOVE IT! and friday.. you made your belt AND ring. you are awesome! love love love it! 🙂

  2. Beyond loving the scarf with the skirt! Such a brilliant idea! And I’m kinda dying over those polka dot wedges. Again, a cute little closet monster may steal those in the middle of the night 😉

    P.S. What plug-in are you using for comments with twitter and fb? The one I’m trying to get up and running is being a butt-head.

  3. Loving ALL of your outfits super cute! That scarf worked great as a belt, I had no idea it was a scarf. I love good hair days. Plus those feather earrings are awesome.

  4. Loving the scarf as a belt, so adorable. You are so creative with all your clothes. I swear you haven’t had a same outfit on in like 3 weeks or a month, that’ really awesome. Your hair is looking so cute and I love that you do it different all the time. Yes Yes to the tank over a white shirt, that would be me too. I would have to say THEY ARE ALL MY FAVORITES AGAIN, SORRY YOU ARE JUST HOT AND STYLING EVERYDAY. Keep up the fun pictures. So what do you wear on a bad day, do you even have a bad day,lol…. have a good week.

  5. OMG … those polka dot wedges are CRAZY HOT! I LOVE THEM. Love that yellow cardi too, I keep trying to find one but have NO luck! Great outifts!

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments! My weight loss was pretty good this last week (meaning I ACTUALLY lost something lol) I lost two pound. This coming mondays weigh in should hopefully be better.

  7. You’ve got amazing style!!! Loving all your outfits!!! Thank you so much for coming by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!!! I’m following you now:)


    xoxox Hanna

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