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project life update // feb. mar. and some of april

okay so i’m a little behind. mostly behind in taking pics of my finished pages. kinda behind in getting the pages together. i have finished march and april is already printed and organized. pretty good, right?


2 thoughts on “project life update // feb. mar. and some of april”

  1. WOW girl you have done a great job on your PL. The pictures are great and love seeing your hubby in a lot of them. What kind of page protectors are you adding in? I like the variety that your using. The double rainbow photo you got was pretty and love seeing your boys enjoying everyday little things. Isn’t this the coolest project ever, so thankful Becky Higgins designed this concept. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Dawn! i feel behind but am not stressing about it. i am using becky higgins page protectors, design B. i found them on and I am also loving the variety! it adds a bit of complexity because i have to crop and plan the pics i want to use in those pps, then i have to make sure i can have the same directions for the flip side. no biggie, just takes a little longer in the edit process. i’ve been getting updates on her new design and progress and am really excited about it!!

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