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mini wii board

We love to play the wii fit. But Marshall, our little 3yo can’t always control the wii board with his 35 pound frame. And sometimes I want to do my fitness stuff or play a game myself, and he will do the activity beside me, trying to keep up. It gave me a little idea that I’m gonna share with you today.

a mini wii board so even the little ones can play along.


a side flap of a cardboard box
white spray paint
felt pads
grey pen/marker

cut your board to any size you wanttrim the edges to round the cornersspray 2 coats and allow to dry completelyusing a smaller piece, make your foot pad outlines. i made these a bit bigger than marshall’s feet.round the corners and darken the lines with a light grey marker. i added the power button but forgot to add the wii symbol up top. you can decorate or do anything you want to yours.add felt pads to the underside so the cardboard doesn’t slip around on the carpet. of course, the cardboard will bend when they step on it, so i put a couple on the feet sections just to add a little firmness in the center.and there it is. pretty easy and your young ones will feel like part of the action with their own little mini wii board.

and as you can see, he likes it!

So that’s it. That’s my little tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it and will come stop by my little blog and say hi.

Thanks to Nichelle for inviting me over! I hope you have me back soon!


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4 thoughts on “mini wii board”

  1. what a cute idea! although, i was thinking at first i missed out on some really neat wii product that would’ve helped out a few years ago when the dude wasn’t heavy enough to register on the wii! 🙂 now i don’t think i could get away with giving him something that didn’t really do anything! rance on the other hand.. 😉

  2. hahaha! That’s great! Joseph is 4 and he weighs 35 lbs. He’s a lightweight for sure. He LOVES the wii too! But sometimes he has to wait his turn so we put together something so he can ‘play’ too!

  3. you are so clever and funny. That’s a great idea for you little one. I’m thinking you should write a book of all your crafts/ideas/fashion/photos. It could be the BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING, you would make many women happy. We have to take turns on ours and this would be cute for my little cousin.

    1. i actually learned that there are services that will print your blog into a book. haha, maybe one day. for now…i kinda like being a little anonymous. =)

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