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coke bottle earrings {tutorial}

you can say that i like coke. you can say i collect coca-cola stuff. you can say i’m slightly obsessed.

with all that said, you shouldn’t be surprised that i found a way to make earrings out of a coke can.

originally i intended to get the logo onto 2 circle earrings but i found these little cokes and thought that maybe I could do something with the coke bottle shape. here’s how i got along:

Cut the shape out of the can, make it pretty wide so you have room for mistakes.

Then, using industrial scissors, cut out the shape along the lines.

using a piece of thick cardstock, trace the shape.

fold the cardstock in half and cut out two shapes at the same time.

mod-podge the two pieces together. press all the access glue out the edges and wipe off. i didn’t do this, but am thinking i should. file the edges a bit to smooth them out. then you can probably mod-podge the entire front and back surfaces.

using a push pin, make a hole in the top of the bottle.

at the time i made these, i didn’t have any earring pieces to make them look like real earrings so i ended up using an extra pair of $5 studs i already had.

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3 thoughts on “coke bottle earrings {tutorial}”

  1. holy moly girlfriend you have really outdone yourself this time. Good thing you showed us how you did so I can believe it,lol. You are so amazing and cool and full of fun fun ideas. They look amazing on you and I love the photos, more details who took the pictures and where were you????? Love the matching shirt too. I am a pepsi girl but seeing these could change my ways, lol….Way to go

    1. It’s okay you like Pepsi, I still like you! =)
      My brain is constantly swirling with ideas and I have to slow down and only do what i can. This weekend I only finished one project but have a few things from last weekend all lined up to post this week.
      So i took the pics actually. i am standing in front of my new curtain that covers my itty bitty closet in my room. the sun comes in really good in the afternoon/evening so it was perfect for showing off the earrings.
      i know most times i shortcut crafts because I either lack supplies or the funds to get the supplies but i am proud of the fact that i made something from nearly nothing. that’s my motivation.
      thanks for being so darn sweet and for being a faithful commenter (and buddy)!

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