retrohipmama style

The crazy June cold front is for sure behind us now. We had super warm weather and it made picking outfits a whole lot easier and more fun!


Brown plaid top: Kohl’s
White cords: hecka old
Brown flats: Payless
Necklace: made by me

someone asked me if i always dress cute. the answer is no. when i get home, i through on something comfy. i upcycled this old tank but haven’t done a post on it yet. sometime i don’t try and i just wear what i find.


White tee: Kohl’s
Yellow tank: Target
Striped skirt: made by me
White slip ons: Walmart


Plaid dress: Walmart $12 last summer
Yellow fabric flower: made by me




Top: Susie’s $5 Deals
Black long shorts: Old Navy (gifted from sister)
Black flip-flops: Old Navy

And a new haircut. I trimmed it myself, shortened some of my layers and thinned it all out. Not the best cut i could get but it was free, it’s thin and light for the summer and looks great (when the picture is good).


Casual friday at work with buffet breakfast and gibson in tow for the morning.

Coca-Cola Tee: a birthday gift from friends
Jean capris: Target
White slip-ons: Walmart
Earrings: made by me


I felt amazing today. Even though we were celebrating the dads, i can still look cute right? i am also thrilled with the process of putting this outfit together…it was like magic. 4 things that i never intended to go together just…did and a belt i haven’t worn in 5 years suddenly made a very relevant comeback.

White and Brown tanks: Walmart
Pink pleated skirt: Target
Blue belt: hand me down from a friend
Fabric flower clip: made by me
Fabric button ring: made by me

have a happy week everyone!

see ya over at Real Momma, Real Style and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.


10 thoughts on “retrohipmama style”

  1. Love your outfits!! I love when outfits just come together, and its something you wouldn’t have thrown together before. Love the wal-mart shoes, seriously comfy right?

  2. YOU made that fabric button ring??? I would love a ring like that! Do you plan to make any to sell?

    LOVE your outfits! And you are, indeed, so crafty, with the flower add-ons and whatnot. I add flowers to my outfits quite a bit these days and occasionally, I add them to my hair, but I’m always afraid when I do that, that they will look silly to everyone but me :).

    1. Hi Jeanine! Thanks for such sweet comments. I love to add flowers to my hair so you should too! You won’t look silly, you’ll look very stylish!
      About the rings…I have toyed with the idea of setting up an etsy store to see some things but I just don’t think I want to promote it right now. Maybe when the rest of my life slows down. =) Right?
      I’d be happy to make you one, they’re real easy!

      Also, been trying to leave you a comment on your blog all week but the comment form is all messed up. =(

  3. You are a retro-hot-hip-mama in these pictures. Love the first one, the colors look good and so does your hair. WOW you cut your hair, I think it looks light and summery too, good for you doing it yourself. I like it a lot and how cute is that little guy hanging on you this week,lol. So cool that you pull all these outfits together and they come out so cute. The last one is a favorite too, the colors and the cute belt. You must have an endless supply of clothes in the closet. Maybe it fills up with all this magic while you sleep and then bam instant new/old clothes suddenly appear and all match and look amazing together.
    So what do the people at work say about your outfits? Did they love the COKE earrings, so cool. Thanks for sharing again.

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