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so much to be happy about

things are looking up at the Gray house. there’s much to be happy about. so if you don’t mind, and you have a few minutes…i feel like blabbing about it:

1) today i slept in until 7:30. yeah, that’s sleeping in. and it felt sooooo good. no birds squawking, no kids jumping, no backaches, no alarm. just my head spinning with ideas as i decide i’m not ready to get up.

2) our ‘like’ new washing machine allowed me to wash and dry 9 loads of clothes, towels, sheets, comforters and shoes efficiently. makes laundry kinda fun when you’re not frustrated with the not spinning and drying loads twice!

3) let’s just say that our family business is ‘doing well’. in a few weeks…we’ll be debt free!

4) i finished a few projects that i’m suuuuuper excited to share this week. here’s a little peek!

5) i am going to enter my “Football with Project Life” idea into a Becky Higgins contest.

6) {overshare alert} marshall’s completely potty trained! we had such trouble with the #2 side of things. he was holding back on purpose for days and days until we’d have to …you know…”make” him go with the help of a suppository. what an ordeal. this went on for a couple months. he wouldn’t go and then if he did, it wasn’t in the toilet. ahhhhhh! but all has changed now. for a month now, he’s aware of when he has to go and he will stop playing and take care of business. i’m just real proud of him! =)

7) i found it’s a free app on my blackberry that tracks our walking and biking adventures. so far i used it for our walk last night and our bike ride this morning. marshall was so cute as i pulled him uphill in his trailer. he says “Mom, you’re doing a great job! We’re almost there.” i mean seriously, he’s not even 4 and he’s got the manners of a gentleman.

8) it’s not 100 degrees out. it will be 90, but that’s cooler than 100. and this means it’s warm enough for pools and sprinklers still. loving that i can sit on my lounge chair and stitch or read while the boys play and run and splash. and occasionally i will run with then.

9) i slept on nice clean sheets last night.

10) gibson and i cleaned up and reorganized his room yesterday and he actually had alacrity about it. (alacrity, if you’re curious, is a cheerful willingness to help). we use this word in our house a lot. it may involve a little eye rolling at first, but it works. aaaanyhoo….we dusted and moved furniture and tossed papers and prepared for the upcoming busy busy football season.

11)  just found out that my brother and his family are coming home from Texas next weekend. my mom’s gonna cry when all her kids (and grandkids except for one) are together. i’ll be taking tons of photos no doubt! her and dad plan to let all the grandkids stay over for a campout in the backyard. they’re gonna have a blast! =)

12) during marshall’s nap i will be designing and hopefully starting something that’s been in my head for weeks. it will be a tutorial (hopefully with a pattern) so watch for it in a couple weeks!

i’d say i’ve had a pretty good weekend. hopefully a great start to a great week.

hope everyone’s having a warm and sunny weekend too!

xoxo andrea


2 thoughts on “so much to be happy about”

  1. Sounds like a great weekend for your family, HOORAY WEEKENDS!! I think it’s a great idea to submit your football PL idea, it is cool. Cant’ wait to see your projects coming up and your new idea for a tutorial, yea for us. Way to go Marshall on potty training, that’s so awesome. We had a hard time with Sam and #2 also, maybe it’s a boy thing,lol…I got a lot done this weekend and played outside all day, very active and around 73 out I think. We need warmer weather for our pool, it’s still freeeezing. I did a happy post on my blog couple days ago too and I’m getting an what I’ve been wearing post ready finally. Have a happy Monday.

  2. Yay for lots of goodness going on over there!!! Alacrity… love it. And a huge “Thank you God!” over here for #3 :)!

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