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names are stitched…that means it’s official

first of all, Pinterest is addicting. i think we’re all aware of this little factoid. i love finding new ideas for embroidery and when i saw this one…it quickly went to the top of my to-do list.

i designed my template in Publisher using fonts i liked and got to stitching. i started it on friday evening and finished it before sleepiness set in. it was so easy…maybe an hour and a half total at the very most.

another easy backstitch…’cause…basically that’s all i know how to do. but my excuse is that i like to keep it simple.

i hung it above the art that’s already above my bed. honestly, my intention was to spread the two pieces apart a bit and put it in the middle. but then i realized i nailed them to the wall and i was too lazy to change all that. so it goes above and i do kinda dig it.

it’s official…now that our names are stitched together.

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6 thoughts on “names are stitched…that means it’s official”

  1. uhm, LOVE! geez. you are so much more motivated on this than i! it could have something to do with my lack of good lighting on the couch, but i’m leaning more towards not being able to get off pinterest at night when i can browse without little fingers grabbing at the keys! 🙂 i love love love it! i’m ‘pinning’ you! and i don’t have publisher, but now i’m curious as to whether i could make a template in picnik or something. you are a inspiration girlie! 🙂 can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds!

    1. your comments make my day girlfriend! =)
      get a lamp girl! 😉 haha! seriously though, you have a baby…that’s a good reason for not having a needle out and accessible.
      i’m glad you like it, i loved it the minute i saw it and am really drawn toward EASY and QUICK projects. so you may not need publisher, if you have word or photoshop you can make this. it’s literally 2 text boxes. the time consuming part is finding the fonts and adjusting the sizes and spacing. i don’t know anything about picnick, but give it a try!
      right back ‘atcha babe! i wish i could put words and thoughts onto paper as easily as you…i swear you jump into my head and take stuff on a regular basis!
      gotta catch up on your blog today…had a busy weekend!

  2. awww this is so sweet and brilliant. I love the colors and the idea of this. You amaze me with all your crafty projects. I don’t have the energy to do much thinking at night. Is this the project you were talking about yesterday? Can’t wait to see what you have next.

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