retrohipmama style: yay for skirts

another warm week and that means skirts! yay!

also, i’ve decided not to list the places where i got my clothes because chances are you won’t find them there since nothing i wear is newer than 6 months old.


i love this purple shirt. gathered an the neckline and a double ruffle on the sleeves. i wore it with a black skirt that went to right above my knees and black flip-flops (not shown). but the best part of the outfit is….

…this purple plaid headband. cute right?


for the first day of summer, i wanted to wear something bright and summery. i think this was the perfect skirt for it.

i got this at Old Navy in 2006 and if you remember this style, you probably remember how quickly they went out of style. but i’m no quitter. so 5 years later…i think i can rock it…maybe no one will notice.

it’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright
bright sun shiny day.


client meeting (that happened to be a graphic design company) so i figured i could pull this off.

classic yet playful.

the polka dot belt is actually a cover from a headband. clever, no?


i dressed for a possible client meeting that was averted at 7:30 but by 8am I was preparing for a 10 o’clock meeting i knew nothing about an hour away. good thing i dressed for it.

i’m in love with this tweed skirt i found at Kohl’s in the clearance section for $12. it’s lined so it’s cool to the skin in the summer and in the winter i wore it with ankle leggings and flats.

see ya over at Real Momma, Real Style and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.


3 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: yay for skirts”

  1. Yay for summer weather and skirts. I think the headband is adorable and so is your hair this week, looking really good at that length. The outfit for the first day of summer was perfect and my favorite since I love blue and I love that sun shiny day song too. I like the idea of your last skirt being worn with leggins in the winter too. Thanks for sharing another awesome week of your outfits.

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