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you’re the ice {free printable}

have i mentioned that i like coke? coca-cola that is. maybe once or twice? okay well just to reiterate that point, i whipped up a little printable that i was inspired by on the wonderful world of pinterest.

{oh hey, if you’re not on pinterest, request an invite from me by emailing me at retrohipmama AT sbcglobal DOT net and you can join. if you are already addicted, come follow me and i’ll follow you back!}

you see, i’m not a coffee drinker, but i love to post things like this on my hubby’s facebook wall.

dishtowel by house8810

and since i’m a graphic designer by nature…i thought to myself…hey self…you can make one and it can be coke related. i could profess my love for both my hubby and my favorite drink at the same time. right? i think so. and who drinks coke without ice? i mean seriously?

so go ahead, if you’re also a coke lover, tell the one you love how you really feel….about coke him! just right click on the image and save as.

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7 thoughts on “you’re the ice {free printable}”

  1. I love this and am soooo going to save it. I’m a Coke only drinker – from eyes opening in the morning to eyes closing at night.

  2. This is so cute and of course you would think of something cool. My hubby is a diet pepsi guy and has to have ice so maybe I should make one for him. I don’t like coffee either but I am a tea drinker so maybe I could put one about him being the sugar in my ice tea??? Just a thought.

  3. This is adorable! Thank you! I just borrowed your idea of posting it on my own hub’s fb 🙂 He’s “away” for a few months so this is perfect!

  4. I’m a coke drinker and collector..the you are my ice ,was soo cute ..have to copy..share to fb, family and friends..theyll love it cute!?!

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