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accessories get organized

another area in my home that doesn’t work: my dresser and the 3-drawer organizer i keep my jewelry and accessories in. now that i’m using more accessories in my daily wardrobe (and have more of them) this clutter caused nothing but a tangled mess.

enter the trusty peg board. not sure what room i had this one in originally but it was already painted the blue that matches my room and was pretty much the. perfect. size.

i also still has A TON of the hooks leftover from the 2 other pegboards I have hanging in my garage and gibson’s room.

so yeah, you see how crazy this is? how can anyone live like this? er….oh…wait…

i started by hanging the necklaces and basically just fit them all together like a puzzle.

i figured i didn’t need to show you step by step so this is how it turned out. now i’ll take you through the rest.

thought it would be a fun little treat to show you a little part of my crazy. i organize my clothes by color.

i’m totally excited about this little treasure i came up with. i’ve made a bunch of flower clips and didn’t know how to store them.

i simply screwed a long piece of ribbon vertically and clipped them on.

tossed my fabric button rings in a mason jar.

hung my headbands in a metal canister.

so there it is. i kinda smile big when i see it. =D

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4 thoughts on “accessories get organized”

  1. This is absolutely brilliant! I am so going to copy you. Yesterday I spend a loooong time organizing my closet but came to a standstill when it came to my jewelry. Great job!!

  2. You are so crafty and fun. I love how all this looks and wow look at all the homemade stuff you made. What a great idea for all these accessories. Laughed at your organized color closet, so pretty though with a rainbow of colors. I don’t have any of this but if I start getting some then this is what I will do too. Thanks for another great idea.

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