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project.fiftytwophotos // week25


you’re probably wondering why, right? why the heck did she take a picture of a bottle of soap? well…it’s a milestone. gibson has graduated to ‘man soap’. it might be because he’s a kid who plays outside and honestly, he can stink. the little kiddy soap that marshall uses just isn’t cutting it for our tween so he got an upgrade to go along with the deodorant he’s been using for a couple months. and now…he smells good…all day. yay for all of us!

but as you can see by the legoman…he’s still a 9yo boy. and i am okay with that. =)

1 thought on “project.fiftytwophotos // week25”

  1. That’s the little everyday pictures that I love and what PL is all about. Congrats on having a good smelling tween in the house. My problem with Sam is his feet smell all the time. Great job on capturing the little moments.

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