thrifted dresser gets a facelift

i found this beauty at a local thrift store last year when gibson began to grow out of his itty bitty kiddy dresser. of course, it does have all the drawers but I had already taken three outside before i realized i should have taken a pictures of the before.

i wanted the wood to remain on the outside so i didn’t even bother taking it out to be painted. i like the knicks and dings so i left it exactly as is was. only the drawers needed a facelift.

he really only used the top three sections so even though i bought handles for all the drawers, i got lazy and only attached them to the ones he used. he was 9, he didn’t care.

but now they’re out in the driveway, ready to be cleaned.

after i dusted them off, i just started in with the glossy white spray paint. it took 2 good coats to get an evenly covered look.

so in between coats, i opened the rest of the handles and spray painted them metallic silver.

between you and me, i actually patted myself on the back for this little brainiac moment: i needed to spray paint the screw heads also so i poked them each into the cardboard so they’d stand up straight. genius right?

after the paint dried, i attached all the handles this time and slid them back into their rightful homes.

Β this is the gibber’s new dresser. it doesn’t match the rest of his furniture, but it goes with the overall theme we have in there. Β next time i’ll show you what else we did in his room.


3 thoughts on “thrifted dresser gets a facelift

  1. dawn says:

    You are a smart cookie and clever girl, thanks for the cardboard tip. The dresser looks great and I like how you fit it into the closet.

  2. Christine says:

    That looks awesome. And the nails in the cardboard is genius. I love how fearless you are about this stuff. Taking a page from your book! I am a worrier.

  3. Mimi says:

    This is a fantastic redo! And thanks for the cardboard tip. I’ve been using styrofoam but I like the idea of the cardboard much better. Great job! So glad I saw this at Spunky Junky

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