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football is back…and my heart flutters with happiness

“Football is not a game but a religion, a metaphysical island of fundamental truth in a highly verbalized, disguised society, a throwback of 30,000 generations of anthropological time.”  ~Arnold Mandell

i LOVE football.
i LOVE that my kid plays football.
i LOVE sitting in the stands in the heat or rain to scream and chant for our boys.
i LOVE the families and friendships i have gained through football.
i LOVE the strength, character and confidence football has built in Gibson.
i LOVE bulldog blue.
i LOVE sitting on the field during practice.
i LOVE the sound of the cleats and shoulder pads as the team runs laps.
i LOVE the smell of burgers and tri-tip on the grill.
i LOVE setting up the field at 7am when the sun is barely coming over the foothills.
i LOVE hearing helmets and pads collide in the summer sun.
i LOVE the mud and the sweat and the stains.
i LOVE that the season is near.
i LOVE football.

i LOVE being a football mom.

it all starts again next week. conditioning camp starts on Monday. and after 2 weeks of camp, if G decides to play…awesome. if he doesn’t…it’s cool. he’s flip-flopping but we think he just forgot the excitement. they won the championship last year and he rode that high for months.

he still cleans his trophy regularly.

i say it’s cool…but i’d be disappointed. not in him…just that i kinda LOVE this time of year. and what the heck are we gonna do? i’m not thinking like that. this kid LOVED playing last year. he got so into the game that i would find him watching college football instead of cartoons.

this is what it’s about at home games. the bulldog head. the kids and the cheerleaders running out through the steam and the flag waving in the lead. parents and siblings and friends screaming and ringing cow bells and blowing airhorns and stomping the bleachers.

someday…maybe marshall will get to feel that excitement too.

my prayer is that he enjoys this year. that he learns to take a chance and make that tackle. that he continues to get back up with that smile every time. that he keeps these friends, these brothers in battle. that he sees rewards from hard work, endurance and drive. that he remembers how it feels to work up a sweat and commit to a team.

“You have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four.”  ~Dan Birdwell


3 thoughts on “football is back…and my heart flutters with happiness”

  1. How exciting and fun for the family. I love what being on a team does for a child; it’s so important. I can’t wait to sit on those bleachers one day soon!

  2. In struggling with similar circumstances, and having lived the experience as a kid, I had to question my own logic. I have a kid that doesn’t get the pleasure in running full speed without regard for pain or risk, and hitting someone as hard as you possibly can. I had to come to grips with the idea that HE made sense. Of course it helps that I have another son that would eat glass for a chance to hit someone! HAHA I love them both for who they are, but haven’t settled who the “smart” one is in regards to football. 🙂

  3. i Love your writing
    i LOVE your positive attitude
    I LOVE your cheering
    I LOVE your supporting your son either way
    i LOVE your outtake on what he learns from it
    I LOVE your attitude on the whole game/sweat/stains/ early mornings
    i LOVE your sharing this with your son

    i LOVE that you shared this with us and how very sweeet it is to read and how funny because I’m the exact opposite of this. My best friend and I just breathed a sigh of relief that another year has gone by that we didn’t do the football thing. But I do have a LOVE for my son playing SOCCER that I will have to share.
    This was so touching from such a cool mom. hugs

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