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summer activity banner

it’s going to be a summer of doin’ stuff. it just has to be. it doesn’t have to be major trips or expensive activities. it’s going to be little things. things we can just DO. nothing that requires a whole lot of planning…or a whole lot of money.

i started a little list. things i wanted to do with the boys for the summer. it was then that i remembered i saw an idea for a summer fun list somewhere, but i didn’t save the link and now i can’t find the stinkin’ blog that i originally saw it on. i tried i promise. i really wanted to give her credit.

anyway…then i started gathering photos (from the internet and our own family shots) that represented the activity.

i setup a document in publisher and put a line down the centers, horizontally and vertically, to make 4 even squares. then make a text box for each square and add the picture. i duplicated the pages until i had enough to accommodate my list. on each page i changed the text and the pic.

 bam, you’re done. print all the pages.

 now you can cut on those lines you made.

look at all the fun squares you have!

with a ruler, find the center, then make two marks about an inch from the center.

thread a loooooong piece of embroidery floss in through the back and out through the front.

once you’ve threaded all your pieces together, you’re ready to hang them. but of course you’ll need something cute to hang them on. i used 4 push pins and glued matching buttons to the tops of each.

Now you can tie the end of the floss to the push pin and hang them somewhere where everyone can see. i put mine under our counter at eye level with Marshall so he can pick things to do.

so what are you planning for the summer?

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4 thoughts on “summer activity banner”

  1. What a fun and colorful banner. This is great for Marshall too since he can’t read yet, the pictures tell it all for him. Great idea.

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