retrohipmama style: bright and bold

i’m not sure what happened to me last week. maybe i’m just in a rut. oh well, clothes are clothes and here’s what i wore.


a fun get together with Matt’s family for our nephew’s 3rd bday. my outfit was really cute and i felt good, but this pic just doesn’t do it any justice. 

some things that make this outfit so cool are:

i made a new button ring. yay for orange! and i painted my nails with polka dots!

and i made new earrings too! thanks to evie’s awesome project here. these are made from paper clips and embroidery floss.


this outfit rocked beyond my dreams. i even did a separate post about it cause i couldn’t wait until the weekly post!


i tried ….. and failed. i thought my chucks would be cute with this outfit that i loved so much before…but it just didn’t. so i took the pic anyways then changed into flip flops. =)

i think my little dude is hilarious. this is his new “smile”. 


it’s fri-iday fri-iday!

okay so this is a bit better. i do love this shirt i found for $5 a bunch of years ago. it’s bright and colorful so it makes me happy!

note to self: stop crossing your feet for the pictures. it’s not helping. oh and don’t put the lens cover in your front pocket…it looks like a can of tobacco. 

sidenote: this is my first pic shot in RAW. can you tell the difference n quality? i’m in love with RAW! and thanks to my little bud Gibson for taking pictures of me everyday.

 See ya over at Real Momma, Real Style, Yellow Blackbird and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.

10 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: bright and bold”

  1. LOVE the button ring! Are you selling them? If not, I am going to need a tutorial :).

    All your outfits were cute but my favorite was the one with the black and white belt. I love that you took the oic and then changed shoes. I do that sometimes w/ scarves & flower hair clips. I know they will make the outfit & pic look better but when it’s time to actually go to the store, I often take them off & leave them on the bed, LOL.

    Followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.

  2. Love the ring, nails, earrings, they are great with the outfit. The striped scarf as a belt is soooo cool with the outfit. This one is my favorite with the tie for your Coke Cola tank outfit, that totally rocks on you. You will have to wear that outfit a lot this summer, it is totally you. The last outfit is something I would wear, the top is pretty and summer looking. My kids are getting use to taking my photo too. Thanks for sharing how great you looked this week.

  3. Lovely Lady you are SO cute and creative! That button ring=awesome. And I adore your retro look! PS: I too cross my legs as a normal “stance” and get the “do you have to pee or something??” question often! ;0)

  4. the chucks look just fine with the skirt! i know what you mean though- sometimes you just feel like it aint right even though you had this idea that it was going to be soooo awesome. i have that on a daily basis i think!

    the style projects

  5. lol…You don’t have to hide the chew! It’s okay, we still love you! ;0)

    Love that flowery shirt, the orange ring and earrings, the stripey belted skirt.

    I have a hard time thinking of poses, too!! Someone should do a tutorial on how to pose for pics. :0)

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