lately, organizing

don’t bother me…i’m organizing…again


how in the world does this keep happening? every couple of months my garage and craft space get completely messy. i am such an organized person, everything has a home but I guess during the night, the little mess monsters come out and do this…little by little, until i can’t even walk out here.

how can i get inspired and productive in here?


i mean really? NOT cool at all! and lets be real…no one’s using the treadmill. oh wait, you can’t see it? haha! my point exactly.

wow! but guess what…this pic was taken 3 months ago…before i cleaned it then. it looks WAY WORSE NOW! you can’t even see the carpet right now.

so because i’m only working a half day at work…this is what I will be doing while marshall sleeps. and matt has even offered to go through any of his boxes that i put in front of him. oh yeah!!!!

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