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my achy breaky feet

people always ask me “how do you do it?” how do i work, raise kids, have a happy hubby, and still have time for all that the crafting?

TRAINS and my TYPE A personality.

i come from a family of do-ers and git ‘er done type of folks. my dad’s a super handy dude that just wants to fix things. my mom can’t walk up to my door without honing in on a weed and pulling it.

exhibit a: they came by last week to say goodbye before they take off in their 5th wheel for 6 weeks. my dad had already planned to tack up my cable wires outside that had fallen so his handyman hat was on very securely. next thing i knew we were chopping down branches and pruning trees in the backyard. just talking and working. sweating and gabbing. my mom grabbed a shovel and started tilling one of my flower beds and gibson even got to saw off an entire branch.

we just get stuff done…cant ‘t help it. it’s how we roll.

my method is simple. if marshall is occupied with trains (which is 95% of his waking moments), i plan my crafts or start on a small project. he’s usually right by my side, whatever i’m doing. we’re talking and chatting while i sew or glue or cut or hammer or clean or edit pictures. basically, i utilize every single moment i have. i rarely sit at home (unless it’s to sew or blog). i just go.

and that’s what i did this weekend.

hopefully this week i can manage to plan blog posts for all the fun crafts i accomplished. we’ll see though. today (sunday) we had very good friends over so alcoholic drinks were consumed and i hope i’m not slurring while i type this. (jk)

also i’m a little hesitant to edit photos at the moment because i just started shooting in RAW. which means FABULOUSLY better quality pictures but since i am still using Photoshop 2, i can’t see the actual pictures, i can only see the generic RAW file icon. so an you can imagine…it’s difficult to organize pics and edit them by project. BUT…my sweet hubby surprised me and ordered Photoshop Elements 9 for arrival on wednesday this week! so i may hold off on posts with pictures…but then again…i might get craaaaazy and try to edit them one at a time.

what you might expect to see in the near future at she’s crafty is:

painted silverware
paint chip banner
new dining room chair covers
upgraded dining room wall
how we organize our schedules

and i kinda did all this stuff on saturday so coming full circle back to the title of this post…my feet huuuuuuuurt! but my mighty accomplishments have made me smile! =)

see ya this week.


1 thought on “my achy breaky feet”

  1. So glad you know how to get things done. So funny picturing your mom/dad over and just jumping in to help, my mom is like that too. Can’t wait to see what you worked on, it will be super I’m sure. What a sweet hubby to order your new photo shop for you, lots of fun for you. When I first saw the title of your post in my email I thought maybe you had gotten hurt or even broke your foot so happy to see it’s not true. Have a good week.

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