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gray family + football schedule = colorful calendar

schedules work for me. having a plan is how i roll. i can be a ‘fly by the seat of my pants girl, ya know, moment to moment…’ but i usually work best when i know what’s gonna happen.

sometimes during the year, we don’t have much going on, so i don’t feel the need for a family calendar to keep us sane. if one of the boys has an appointment or matt has to go film, it goes in my blackberry and that’s it.

but it’s football season and that means lots of activities for all of us: practice, volunteer hours, car washes, all of that stuff.

this is how i keep it all straight so everyone knows:

our family calendar. it’s a white board that originally only had a calendar grid on the right side and a blank space on the left. but i really needed to see more weeks at a time so i got out my trusty ruler and sharpie and created another 5 weeks. i wrote in the days of the week and another MONTH title in sharpie so that everything else is erasable. i write in each date with a black white board marker and then each event gets a color category.

what i love about this is that i can start it anytime during the month. i am not confined to starting at the first of each month. and i can see 10 weeks at a time.

as you can see, we’re getting pretty full already and this doesn’t include the two weekend overnight trips we have planned this weekend and the following weekend (trying to get them in before we have a game every saturday), or the 3-4 days of football practice beginning on the 8th of august.

to keep it all straight, each person gets a color. if it’s blue, gibson knows it’s him. anniversaries and birthdays are in red and friend things are in purple. when we have a family function that involves all of us, i will write it in black and put color dots next to it of each person involved.

then when the end comes closer, i grab a baby wipe and a paper towel, wipe it clean and start over. this usually lasts until the new year when things chill out and we don’t need it every day.
how do you keep your house on schedule? i love to see different ideas…

1 thought on “gray family + football schedule = colorful calendar”

  1. I like your calender idea and all the colors. How fun to add the color dots around family events. We don’t do much at our house all year either, just spring/fall soccer then basketball between that. The most important schedule is the one I have with my babysitting days on it because it’s different days each week. I don’t have anything fancy but here’s what works for me.

    1. On the babysitting calender my cousin gives me I add the kids doctor appts. , no school days to it. This is the calender I use for the doct. appts. I try really hard to get them on the days off of babysitting.

    2. Our regular soccer schedule has been pretty much the same since he was 3 every Mon/Wed from 5:00 to 6:30 and games on Saturday’s. The coach gives us a schedule of all this and the snack schedule so I just put it next to the babysitting schedule to see. We started travel soccer last fall for the first time so we added that schedule to the other side. The practice for those were Tues/Fri with games on Sunday.

    Basketball has been the same since he was 4 also, practice on Sat. then game on Sunday. They give you a schedule and I just put it on the fridge also. Pretty basic for us for now.

    It only got really busy last fall with Sam doing both rec/travel soccer and my daughter had play practice most days after school. For some reason though I do better just memorizing everything and going by that. It does help that the times don’t change too much. Now in a couple years Sam will be more involved then it will get crazy. My daughter starts high school this fall and has extra activities too so I might just need to make something like you have.

    I also like that our school gives out free school calender with all the school breaks, concerts, high school games, holidays, PTA, everything is included. It’s great for me to use and plan ahead for those days and sometimes I write in them too.
    This was fun to see and good luck in your busy schedule. Make sure to pencil in time for you and to sleep,lol

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