retrohipmama style: hello yellow

Not much for words tonight so we’ll just get straight into the outfits, m’kay?

disclaimer: i swear i didn’t plan to wear yellow nearly everyday this week, it just happened. =)


still loving my yellow wedges! and finding a ton of different ways to wear them. here’s one!

wore my hair down all day but when i got home to pull it back i went…DUH…yellow flower so i snapped a pic!


it’s a dress! it’s a shirt! it can be both and it makes me happy! wrapped up in a brown belt and scrunched up a bit it’s a long shirt. hooray for switchin’ it up!


half day at work so a hat was appropriate due to my lack of motivation to wash my hair that morning.


took a hint from little miss sunshine and rainbows and worked out a bright blue and yellow combo. i added red because well…red goes with everything!


errands and the need for comfort after work always puts me in an outfit like this. 


traditional breakfast at Mel’s after equipment handouts. sporting the Coca-Cola tee, homemade skinny jeans and a cute bandanna that’s hard to see. but trust me…it’s cute!

See ya over at Real Momma, Real Style, No Model Lady and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.

6 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: hello yellow”

  1. Okay, how did you tie your bandanna like that? I want to wear it like that but have no clue how to do it!
    You looked amazingly cute this week,as usual!!

  2. You look adorable and cute and happy in yellow this week. it’s too hard again to pick a favorite so I am going to say your hair is my favorite this week first, love that you do so much with it even though it’s not really long. It looks so pretty in the first one and so awesome and fun in the all the others. I need to do this too!!!

    The outfits, are great as always. Love the first one and the wedge shoes are perfect with it. The second one you look AMAZING IN, SO LONG AND SKINNY. I would love to wear this outfit. The next ones are all cute with the hat and honest hat hair,llol. How smart you look wearing the red,blue,yellow looks great with your hair color and skin tone. The last two are always a must have to be casual and comfy in.
    Way to go on another week of looking good!!

  3. How cute are you!? I love that you wore yellow almost everyday 🙂 Way to brighten up the week! I think my favorite outfit is number one, but all are nice.

  4. Gasp! I come home from camping to find YOU my dear looking smart and sassy in your yellow, blue and RED! You look like someone famous that I CANNOT put my finger on, but when I do, I’ll let you know!!

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