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have you heard Chrissy ramble?

Can I share a little something with you guys today?

Oh good…I want to introduce you to Chrissy!

C reative. this girl comes up with the coolest things for her shop and home.
H ot. no seriously, she’s super pretty, even without make-up!
R eal friend from far away. we have never met in person, we may never. but a friend is a friend no matter where they are.
I nspiration. her love for Jesus is clear. her motivation is contagious. her smile is inviting.
S imply Created. her etsy store is poppin’ with all sorts of goodies!
S weet beyond sweet. always commenting and giving praise to others.
Y o. she totally digs the old school hip-hop and R&B.

Chrissy blogs at Boerman Ramblings and she’s become a great bloggy buddy (on and off the blogosphere). i think she’s rad and i hope you will too!

Look at some of her projects and creations:

she made these necklaces for a wedding party:

and these totes for a friend:

she even shares some of her awesome secrets on her tutorials page here.

Chrissy has also started dabbling in the comeback craft of embroidery.

Just felt like showing some love to my girl and I hope you hop on over to Boerman Ramblings and Simply Created and tell her I sent you. Oh yeah, and like her on Facebook too while you’re at it! I think she’s awesome and I think you will too!

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