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swell-o yellow {dining room upgrade}

since the hubby vetoed painting the dining table yellow, i had to find something else to do that would brighten up this space.

when i choose fabric, it kinda actually chooses me. i rarely can explain what i want, i just know it when i see it. and when i saw THIS fabric…i knew it. tell me that’s not fabulous. and only $5 a yard.

i bought 1 yard to cover 4 chairs. so far though, i’ve only finished 2.

the table is still a beautiful birch which i actually love in contrast with the black chairs.

i did have 2 cans of spray paint (intended for the table) that needed to be put to use. so a few of my letters and the ugly brown cherry frame that holds my Norman Rockwell’s Soda Fountain print.

another angle that i like. oh hey…do you see those red utencils…oh yes. i spray painted old silverware that my parent’s gave me.

the Soda Fountain print may or may not be my favorite thing in the house.

i smile when i see all the yellow. i’m also gradually adding more letters until i have the whole alphabet.


4 thoughts on “swell-o yellow {dining room upgrade}”

  1. the fabric is perfect and pretty. looks great with the table. i like your walls of everything too, so crafty you are.

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