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 Hey guys! I’m back with more outfits. I want to go back and look at the last month of outfits because I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn too many things twice. Shopping in my own closet has been so much fun.


love this sequin tee i found at Target a couple years ago. hate the dirty mirror.


found another way to wear this thrifted camp shirt. i put the belt over a blue tank but the camp shirt over it. i am beginning not to like the sleeves, they poof too much so i am planning to stitch them down a bit. sorry it’s hard to see, it was super bright outside this day.


got dressed up for a client meeting that went well. i decided to wear flats instead of the black wedges i wore before and my feet thanked me later.

we got paid for a big huge job on wednesday night so i got some spendin’ money and of course, bought some new threads.

the ruffle top tank and the linen skirt are from Old Navy. added a turquoise necklace i wore it with my jean jacket…

…and then without.

and i didn’t plan this but my handmade flower clip matched perfectly. love when that happens!

this was my favorite outfit for the week. can’t wait to wear it again soon!


holy moly what a night. one of my best girls had a little b-day celebration at a local restaurant (with a bar attached). i think there is a picture of me in my outfit on someone’s camera but i don’t have it yet so i made the outfit on the belt i wore is a little different than this one and so are the earrings but you get the picture. we all looked smokin’ and got way too tipsy. but we danced all night and had a blast! unfortunately i seriously paid for it on sunday.

friday night

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7 thoughts on “retrohipmama style”

  1. I loved all your outfits… Your too adorable I found you on the real momma linky party and i’m now following! … I just recently started working at a clothing store and had to put outfits together for our mannequins and the Jean jacket look has been my favorite.. it’s funny how only a few years ago I hated jean jackets but now I want one so i can look as good as my mannequin at work hahaha…….. or maybe so i can just look as cute as you… thanks for sharing!!
    btw I’m Caity. Teachings from lil slug a bug

  2. Well! I got sucked right into your blog as soon as I popped over! You are one inspiring lady, with (I’m sure) 10 times the energy I have!! LOVE your embroidery travel case you made!

    On to the outfits though… adorable. Love your favorite outfit and also the Wednesday meeting outfit – very stunning on you!

    Finally, I wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog post about God’s favor… it was extremely kind, thank you 🙂

  3. I am so impressed with all your outfits again and that you haven’t worn the same outfit twice in all this time. Totally amazing and creative. You look super cute in your favorite outfit but I love the way you look in the Weds. outfit. It totally made the outfit by having you stand by the fence, goes with your colors and you look so gorgeous. I’m loving what you do with your hair too.

    Can’t wait to see next weeks.

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