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cherry mug rug

i’m super excited to share my first mug rug with you guys! my mom is gonna be so proud of me. i did this one all my myself, remembering all the little quilting tricks she taught me.

it was a birthday gift so a very special friend who loves red, and loves cherries.  and this was born.

if you like this design and want to make one using your own fabric, here’s what you’ll need:

fat quarters of 4 coordinating fabrics
1/4 yard of trim
8×8 piece of batting
8×8 piece of muslin backing

i’m gonna be real here, i am not gonna teach you how to quilt. if you know how to quilt, even the basics, you can put this together and should understand the instructions. you can probably even do the measurements on your own.

mine ended up being 8×8.

i found an image of cherries i liked on the internet and did my usual tracing and embroidered the cherries onto white muslin.
picked up coordinating fat quarters from and trim.

cut one stip of each fabric 1.5 inches wide and any height you wish. cut 1 inch strips of your border fabric and sew them together at the short ends (right sides together) so it’s a really long strip.

i cut my embroidered section a bit short on top and bottom so i could add a border.

arrange your strips and sew them with 1/4 inch seams

then sew the lace trim to the top of that strip section. i didn’t want the top trim to show so i stitched it upside down on both the top on the bottom of that section.

then i folded it down and did a simple zig-zag down the raw edge to keep it down. (it will get covered up in the seam so don’t worry about it now.)

sew the embroidered piece to the strip piece, right sides together.

see, nice and clean!

pin your sandwich of top, batting and backing at the corners. since i’m not a master quilter like my mom, i chose to ‘stitch in the ditch’  to quilt it together.

now you can square up your sides to get a nice clean edge for the binding.

attached the binding with a 1/4 inch seam for the first run, then flip it over and make two more quarter inch seams to fold over.  now that i’m typing this, i’m thinking it doesn’t end up equaling the 1 inch strip, but hey, if you’re attempting this…you know what you’re doing! again, not a professional here.

but my favorite part about handmade, is all the flaws. it has character!

this took me 90 minutes from the first cut to writing ‘HANDMADE WITH LOVE BY ANDREA’ on the back with fabric markers. it was so quick and simple that i will be making one similar for myself this weekend!

so i’m all linked up here.

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6 thoughts on “cherry mug rug”

  1. this is so cute sorry to say what all the other said but dang this is C-U-T-E. You rock at showing us the step-by-steps too. i would forget to get a picture of the process, once I’m on a roll I can’t quit. So sweet for you to make this for her. She will love it.

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