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another WEEK in this crazy LIFE

I’ve decided to take on this Ali Edwards challenge once again! A major project that I enjoyed immensely last year.

I couldn’t begin on the same day that Ali and friends are so I’m starting a few days later. THIS FRIDAY is d-day! And getting to this decision wasn’t planned very thoroughly…but that’s how I roll.
Initially, the plan was to do our WITL in the fall. Last year, football ruled the week and I wanted to showcase a little different feel this time around. I also was able to include work + home life as I am a mommy with a full time job (and my hubby works from home and takes care of our boys). I really wanted to see something different this year.
Tomorrow happens to be my last day of work before a 10 day vacation. LIGHT BULB! What if I did our WITL while we were all home together? That would certainly be different than last year…and it would allow me to capture the entire parts of the day (that sadly, I usually miss in person). Plus I’m planning on making the last week before school starts super fun!
DECIDED! I’m charging my batteries and preparing the family for mama-razzi’s visit!
Have you not heard of or seen Ali’s Week in the Life projects? Really, if you’re at all interested in documentation with words+photos, you should check it out! My favorite part is capturing the normal and regular things of the everyday. All the things we tend to sugar coat with editing or what we like to portray through our blogs. I want to show the REAL.
I’m taking her hints and help by utilizing the journaling worksheets she designed. This is going to make it so super simple to keep track of our dailies.

It has also been decided that this book will be paper and not digital.

I don’t know if I will be able to do a post each day on the photos I take…I want to and I will be home all day so I think I could. So…you might just see photo posts for the next 7 days.
Woot and good morning!
smiles and hugs…andrea

3 thoughts on “another WEEK in this crazy LIFE”

  1. love it! i always say i’m going to do this.. but then it comes.. and goes.. and i totally play my slacker card! can’t wait to see your finished project! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad your doing this project NOW instead of in the fall. I’m thrilled for you having a looong vacation. can’t wait to see what fun plans your family has. If you can post everyday or few days or take the week off and unplug if you need and just chill with the peeps, it’s all good and we will be anxiously waiting your return. I’m having a fun time with mine finally and today we did a Christmas in July party which we really needed to break up the summer blues.
    I have not taken as much photos as I did last year in this project though so hoping I have enough to work with. Have a great and fun and fantastic and thrilling, chilling, relaxing. sleeping in, playing with your boys, eating junk, and anything else that you want on your vaction, enjoy it.
    love and hugs

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