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WEEK in the LIFE: friday | day 1 [101 photos]



first day of vacation! pretty good day filled with activities that made me sweat and even a nap.  i forgot how fun this project was…loved taking pictures of everything.

sharing my favorites from the day:

loving some snuggle time with my marshall. he woke up at 6am…that’s too early.

so we laid in bed until 7:30

morning muffins (bisquick sweet muffins) and homemade strawberry jam for breakfast

hubby has to have his coffee and computer time when he wakes up

marshall loves morning muffins too…but no jam…he’s so weird

poor dude. gibson is still on crutches…just so he can stay off his foot.

getting ready for a bike ride.

2 mile bike ride!

he’s not screaming because he’s getting his hair cut…he just sprayed himself in the face.

love this kid and his backward shirt

sharp and clean haircut. so glad to get rid of the curious george hair.

filling up the pools….it was 99 degrees today!

cream cheese, avocado and peppered turkey on a sweet roll. yum.

marshall tried to go get the mail after his nap.

so much nicer in the backyard in the evening sun

gibson cooling off his injured foot

marshall watching thomas videos, controlling the computer all by himself.

day 1 = tired mama but so glad i captured all this. maybe tomorrow i will have more to say…but probably not.

1 thought on “WEEK in the LIFE: friday | day 1 [101 photos]”

  1. love love all your photos today, those boys are so cute and sweet. you are a good mama too them both. happy you got to be at home all day with them and you could enjoy the warm weather too. what happened to griffin’s foot, don’t remember you mentioning it. hope he can still play football. i hope you still take some photos of your outfits while your home, would love to see the not at work outfits you come up with. have a wonderful saturday and taking pictures of your day together.

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