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WEEK in the LIFE: saturday | day 2 [66 photos]

finding the gratitude today. here’s how today went down:

grateful for morning computer time. i think marshall is grateful for thomas videos on youtube.

forgot to bring my camera for errands but got these when we got home. by the time we got home, matt and gibson were already at the movies seeing Transformers 3. grateful for money to buy a few things outside of the basics.

i kinda feel like i’m in an IKEA magazine, you know, how they are always looking like their moving. i like this shot tho, shows so much!

sad face. i like to get a cherry coke when we go to SAMS but every now and then there’s a white paper over it to say it’s out of service. but not today, today i saw it was available but when i got there, all bubbles…no syrup. and of course they were all out. boo.

 once i got marshall down, i tried to sew an elastic band onto a skirt i removed from a dress and i got really frustrated and was feeling like  my creativeness was being forced and it was annoying.

 so i organized the pics i just got developed. i am trying to catch up on my scrapbooking.

 trying to get the laundry done. keep getting distracted.

marshall played in the water and i updated my page for the day. grateful for the time to sit and think.

our favorite snack…cheez-its.

grateful for a kid who likes to organize.

still loves his trains…still.

 matt made awesome steak sandwiches with a garlic butter spread and swiss and grilled stuffed zucchini from our own garden. grateful the kids decided they weren’t hungry so matt and i enjoyed dinner alone…very rare and very nice.

covered the grey tonight…love the new color (maybe a pic tomorrow)

finished off the night with the second half of my mini size ice cream. yum…it was perfect.


1 thought on “WEEK in the LIFE: saturday | day 2 [66 photos]”

  1. Happy Day 2 for you, awesome pictures again. I love the outfit you went shopping in, great headband/scarf??? in your hair. That is a great self-portrait of you unloading the car, way to go on that one and how cool of your sewing photo too. Sorry it got you frustrated but great that you switched gears and organized your photos instead. Tell Matt his dinner looks amazying and gooy and yummy and to invite me over next time, please!!!??? Have a great Sunday and thanks so much for sharing with us. Today wll be my last day of documenting and then will take a break before putting the album together.

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