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WEEK in the LIFE: tuesday | day 5 [80 photos]

the feeling of randomness is what comes over me when i look through the pictures from today. i’m really beginning to {heart} randomness in my life. trying to embrace it with a smile. loving the imperfections and being happy with what God puts in front of me. allowing life to happen and not planning too much or setting things up. but something feels weird.

maybe because this is a public place, and my feelings are more private than this blog, that i am not feeling as deep and detailed about the days and the happenings. is it because i edit them too soon after? could it be that i’m not engaged enough, just trying to shoot what happens? am i in the moments i captured or just behind the lens? i think it’s too late at night to be thinking about all this but it’s been on my mind since it’s a different feeling than i had last year.  it could be nothing at all. i bet that when i begin to really throw this  thing together the words and feelings will come to the front of the line and stand proud. because i really have captured some awesomeness this week. feeling thankful to be home, witnessing and interacting all day.

and the awesomeness will continue since tomorrow my big dude turns ten! double-freaking-digits! we have a fun day planned and i started a new tradition, partly inspired by a scrapbook page i saw in the July/August Creating Keepsakes, but mostly by my bloggy friend Dawn, from Everyday Memories with Project Life. she is the kind of mom i want to be, no matter how much eye rolling i get from the kids. can’t wait to share the new tradition with you!

and now…leaving the pity party…and on to the photos from tuesday!

our first real pictures of the day were at target. matt had a job to film so me and the boys headed out to buy gibson a few pairs of shorts for school and marshall decided he wanted to have a dressing room of his own. of course the trip was for gibson, but he refused to let me take pics so here’s marshall…incase you haven’t met him already.

i’m a lucky gal and my hubby usually fills up my tank (one of my biggest fears is running out of gas so he makes sure i’m never too empty). but i’m a handy chick and i don’t mind getting gas for myself…plus i LOOOOOVE the smell. i think this is a pic we will look back on in even 10 years and wish things were back to being this good. and i continue to pray for this country to get it’s head out of it’s own arse. =)

school starts in one week. holy freaking summer batman. maybe it feels like summer just fly by because it pretty much rained the entire month of june. daddy is looking forward to school and we’re all looking forward to fall.

i love school and office supplies so i couldn’t resist a colorful pic of the perfection and possibilities.

of course we had to get popcorn. and of course marshall did his absolute best to take a picture of the bag.

decided to give marshall the camera in winco. i think he did a good job overall!

from my perspective.

and from his when he was in “the big part”.

nap time meant scrap time! finally getting to make something cute. i got 3 pages done!

once the back gets shady, we head outside. not sure why marshall is wearing that long sleeved shirt but he’s doing great at the watering.

speaking of watering…i always neglect my garden around this time. it gets too hot and i forget to go out there and tend to it. then this happens and it makes me sad.

he’s building a rock wall so the water can’t come passed a certain point. i just really love how he sits when he’s working.

oh happy joy! i have issues and family circle is one of them.

found the top plays on my iPod to be very interesting. not surprising at all but just amazed at the technology we have available to us. yes i love fleetwood mac and vampire weekend. i am excellent at becoming very addicted to music that i really enjoy most. but don’t fret…there’s much more variety down there that we just can’t see. hello dean martin and marilyn manson!

hope you’re all having a good week whether you’re involved in WITL or not. maybe you’ll pick up your camera more often or just write things down before they fly away. either way, thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “WEEK in the LIFE: tuesday | day 5 [80 photos]”

  1. i love the randomness. i love the school supply pictures. i love peeking into other’s dailies. i get what you are saying & i’m sure you’ll ‘get it all out’ when you do it for yourself & not put it out there on the ‘net! 🙂 and i’m totally jealous.. i keep saying i’m going to motivate myself to scrapbook when the babe is asleep.. but it just never seems to happen! boo 😦

  2. Another day shared by you and I love seeing this everyday life of yours. So much fun to get a peek into each other’s world. I know what you mean on feeling different this time around with WITL. IT could just be because it’s summer and their isn’t a schedule, no rhyme or reason to our days. It’s like we just floated from one to the next. Last year I had our morning/noon/night routines written down, food schedule, kids sleeping, all kinds of stuff. I wanted to capture the true of essence of summertime in our house and I kinda did but it wasn’t much. I’m sure yours is going to be great, can’t wait to see it done. Are you still using the worksheets from Ali, those were helpful.

    Ok on to your son turning the big double digit 10 10 10 10 10 10 that is soooo cooool. I love when my kids turn 10 and think it’s so cool because for the rest of their lives it will be double digits and they are officially a big kid/young adult/ pre-teen and this when they can be fun to hang with and like all kinds of stuff but still play a little of the kiddie stuff too. My son will be 10 in the fall. Have a great birthday with him and celebrate big!! Did you mention a surprise??? Whatever could it be, hhhmmm!!!

    We go back to school in 20 days, and we aren’t ready yet. I am waiting for the prices to go down at Walmart before shopping. Have a great day!!

  3. I LOVE his picture of you! it’s fantastic! woot! I’ll say it again, you’re really good at this. I may do just a random picture post on my blog of pictures I’ve been taking. LOL!

  4. I came across your WITL and adapted it for a few friends of mine, we all live different places in the country so I thought it was a fun way to see what we were all up to (we all post it to our blogs, some do all pictures some do only a recap in words of their day)! Love the idea. Thanks for letting us peak into your lives! you have beautiful children and great diy projects, I really want to do that paper tshirt!

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