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an entire decade

that’s 10 years. 10 years as a mommy. 10 years with this dude.

it makes me think of all the things we’ve done and been through with our high-octane, radio-active son Gibson.

5 months. mmm, miss those days.

he was a born rams fan.

even at 3 he was a monkey

he can bring out the funny in me

mr. gq in his kindergarten uniform knows how to work the camera

he can be a bad dude

he can be sensitive

he can be THE. MOST. HANDSOME. little boy

he is a good student

he can give his mama some love

he’s always made us laugh

and he’s always making everyone else laugh too.

he became a super big brother who marshall looks up to

through all the attitudes and smiles and struggles and hugs, we’ve got ourselves a kid who
opens doors for women,
knows how to make his own lunc,h
knows almost all of Bill Cosby’s skits,
likes DeadMau5 and My Chemical Romance,
builds awesome crazy lego creations,
and is about to begin his last year of elementary school.

thinking that we’ve got less than another decade of him in this house.

that’s only 3 more years until he’s a teenager
that’s 6 years until he’s driving
that’s 8 years until he’s a high school graduate

we’ve got time, but it’s gonna fly by.

1 thought on “an entire decade”

  1. What a cool and teary, cheery, happy, sad post!! You had me at the title MOM OF A 10 yr.old. Now I’m crying and smiling and happy and sad just seeing the pictures/layouts/words all together like this. You need to print it out and put into your PROJECT LIFE OR WEEK IN THE LIFE!! He looks so much like Marshall it’s so cute!!

    Ok I snuck on computer for 5minutes while we are setting up for yard sale and was hoping you had the birthday sign posted. I can’t stand waiting much longer girlfriend, so pleeeease post it soon.

    Sending you and your big guy big hugs and happiness for another 10 years. You are a great mom and should be very proud of how well you’ve done. Just think I’ve been a mom for 22 years and it still feels awesome!!
    hugs dawn

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