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WEEK in the LIFE: thursday birthday edition | day 7 [119 photos]

today is a special day. the gibernator turns 10. it’s a little weepy and a little exciting…all at the same time.

each year is a cool new adventure with gibson and it’s just another milestone for our oldest.

another reason it’s a special day is that it’s the last day of week in the life. i’m really ready to be done and kinda glad for the birthday celebrations to keep the camera going. the kids are sick of the snapping and so am i.

but this day gave us quite a few awesome photo ops and here are my very faves.

let me step back a few weeks: we’d bought gibson a few things in the last few weeks that we told him were for his birthday. and really, they wer,e but we had to get him some stuff to open on his birthday morning. so wednesday night while he was at practice the three of us headed to target for a couple gifts for him. (marshall, being 3, did tell him that we went to target and got him all kinds of things…but matt played it off pretty good.)
so as he relaxed on the couch watching cartoons we had marshall bring him the following things, one by one…from the bedroom to the family room…which was the most hilarious part because he thought he wasn’t getting anything.

king sized twix
hershey’s drops
big box of skittles
a transformers game for the wii
a new star wars lego set
a 3-pack of 5 gum
a big box of mike & ike’s
and a handmade card from marshall (they are reading it together in the pic below)

gibson’s breakfast request was my awesome (in our opinions) french toast. added scrambled eggs and maple sausage to make it even better.

our new tradition for the boys. thanks to my friend Dawn at Everyday Memories with Project Life for the idea. i worked on this after he was asleep and very very quietly hung it to his door so he’d see it when he woke up.

just markers and craft paper =)

i can see the pictures in the future…as he grows next to each poster every year.

he likes it.

another surprise for the gibber…a secret trip to Toys R Us to pick out a new bike. this isn’t the one he ended up getting, but the shot came out awesome!

then we took him to lunch at the always yummy Buffalo Wild Wings. I could literally eat ther everyday and still want to try something new. plus all the tvs playing sports just makes me smile =D

finally home and poor percy needs repairing.

marshall got away from the toy store with a new train, Arthur, who he refers to as “erfer”. hehehe

marshall gives the absolute best hugs

gibson requested a chocolate cake. with chocolate frosting. and chocolate sprinkles. okay then.

after practice giberoni agreed to a photo shoot with his new bike. love that it’s the same color as his favorite shoes.

he really is just so handsome.

first bike with hand brakes.

and after a shower we had cake and cookie dough ice cream. this kid has an excellent day!


3 thoughts on “WEEK in the LIFE: thursday birthday edition | day 7 [119 photos]”

  1. WOW holy cow that sign is awesome!! I love that you hung it on his door and really like that you listed your 10 faves about him. That is what I will have to do for my little man turning 10 in November. How cool that we both have boys the same age (almost). What a great fun filled day for him and you. I have to say his favorite color is mine too, all blues are the best to me. Love the cake too, cool sprinkles. Way to go mom and dad on making this first double digit birthday one he will never forget.

    Hope you have a good week back to work and Good luck in school Gibson!! Oh yea how fun to see all the nicknames you have for him.

  2. BIRTHDAYS YAY!!!! And what a rad birthday it was from the pics! My Roo’s birthday is coming up Saturday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the poster idea, just melts my heart, thanks for sharing lovely!

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