i’m getting ahead of myself

i’m wearing brown today. and jeans. and closed-toe flats.

what’s wrong with me? it’s august 9th. it’s the center of summer in california. i should still be embracing the sun and the warmth that i longed for all winter.

but i’m getting that itch already.
the itch to switch my tangerine and melon lotion and soap scents to warm vanilla and cocoa butter.
to wear jeans and camp shirts
to bake breads and cookies
to bust out the crock pot for soups and stews
to hike up my long argyle socks

since it’s probably going to be hot until the end of september, i must continue to dress appropriately.

so before the summer is over, i’d love to try these looks (via my style and fashion board on pinterest):

a brightly striped dress:

awww...makes me happy with summer smiles!

flowers on flip-flops:

cute way to dress up old navy flip flops. wonder if i clipped them on, would they be uncomfortable.

polka dots + stripes:

Kendi Everyday says i can wear stripes with polka dots! YES!

aqua and light brown:

skirt, shoes, top, MUST HAVE!

coral + grey:

Love the coral and gray together!

because when fall hits, i will be all about these outfits (also via my style and fashion board on pinterest):

ruffles + cardis + brown + pink

holy fall colors! i MUST make this happen in my wardrobe!

wide leg jeans

kendi everyday

camp shirts + bandannas

Pin up style

striped boyfriend sweaters


dresses + leggings

Dress + Tall Boots.

mustard blazer

mustard yellow & polka dots. love this look.


i have an argyle sweater and a dress...wonder what i can do with it!

striped socks

Happy Socks!

sweaters + belts

Gray and turquoise.

orange + checkers + long sleeves

Cute for Fall

fall…HURRY UP and get here!


6 thoughts on “i’m getting ahead of myself”

  1. so funny to hear you talk about fall already, I’m the usually the same way. this year though i just want summer to laaaast. I do love fall clothes the best though and being warm and cozy. these outfits would all look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on you. i really like the last outfit for myself and the leggins outfit. how cool to see a whole outfit with matching everything. thanks for the fun pretend shopping spree.

  2. Where I live we have days where we have to dress in jeans and camp shirts! LoL Our weather is so fickle, it can be warm and clear skies one day and chilly and overcast the next!

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