21 day challenge with Freckles in April

i’ve been bloggin about my outfits since march of this year. since then i have worn and shared  76 unique and different outfits. no two the same but all from my own closet with probably only 5 new pieces i was lucky enough to add along the way.
at this point, i’m afraid i might have to begin duplicating some. and that’s okay with me.
i mean come on…we’ve seen a lot and it might be time to step up my game. press the limits. push my comfort zones.
21 Day Challenge

Kayla at Freckles in April is hosting this crazy cool challenge.

For 21 days she will post a daily outfit prompt. Then, we get dressed, take a picture and upload it to the 21 Day Challenge Flickr group* and/or blog about it and submit the link on her blog.
not knowing is kinda driving me nuts but has me all excited at the same time. hoping i can participate every day. hoping i have the pieces on hand to create something new. hoping i learn that i have more than i thought.
plus…she’s got some crazy cool giveaways!
i’m ready!

3 thoughts on “21 day challenge with Freckles in April”

  1. This sounds like fun and perfect for you. I can’t wait to see what you come with either. You have done an amazing job picking out all your outfits and soooo many styles and looks. It’s easy to see that you wear many styles and colors well. Always looking good and styling. Have fun.

  2. no one would like me if i flooded my pinterest with your style images.. lol.. but i swear i’m obsessed (& not in the creepy way) i have been daydreaming of airwalks from payless because of you & even opted to buy the dudes school shoes there in hopes i could cash in on the bogo on a pair for myself! lol.. 🙂

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