21 day challenge, fashion

21 day challenge: day 1 (remix)

sometimes i can get a bit boring. sometimes i stick with the basics. but the basics are good. tried and true. never let you down.
that’s what this white tee is for me. a $6 scoop neck from Kohl’s.

kayla has challenged us to find a piece that can be reworked and remixed 2 other times during the challenge.
i’ve decided to make this white shirt my remix piece because i feel like i can do sooooo much with it…and often do. i could have chosen another piece, i’ve got plenty to choose from but i kinda wanted to take it easy on the first day. this makes life easy right now.

white tee: SO c/o kohl’s
brown flares: old navy
red flats: primo c/o marshall’s
blue belt: unknown source
flower clip: made by me
bracelet: joann’s $1 bin

7 thoughts on “21 day challenge: day 1 (remix)”

  1. Your right about the white shirt, can’t go wrong with a classic and this is one of my favorites. It looks great on you with your hair color and love the little belt you made. Great first choice my cool fashionable friend.

    It’s funny when working out and thinking of losing weight one of my thoughts were to be able to wear a white shirt and jeans and change it up different ways with belts and shoes. I also love seeing my hubby in a pair of jeans and his white undershirts on the weekends. Thanks for making this girl smile this morning and wanting to go find a white shirt TODAY!!

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