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21 day challenge: day 2 (tuck it in)

i’ve become more comfortable with the tuck lately. investing in cute belts and scarves has helped.

day 2 of kayla’s challenge is to get that shirt tucked in. i’m totally excited because i just scored this cute pink skirt at goodwill and the belt was included! perfect timing!

brown top: mervyn’s forever ago
pink skirt: picked up at goodwill yesterday for $4 (the belt came with it)
brown / pink polka dot shoes: sheik shoes $12 like 4 years ago.
bracelet: another Joann’s dollar bin find

i am super nervous about tomorrow. mixing patterns. holy cow…i’m actually sweating just thinking about stepping that far out into the unknown. don’t be alarmed if i’m a no show tomorrow…it just means that my closet is on my bed and i’m sobbing on the floor in my under-nothings.


4 thoughts on “21 day challenge: day 2 (tuck it in)”

  1. You are so beautiful lady!! I want that skirt and the belt. This outfit was made for you with the style and the colors, it all says HOT MAMA!!! Way to go on the challenge and can’t wait till tomorrow. I have no doubt you will blow us away and look stunning as always.

    I am always so thrilled with your outfits that I forget to mention your hair, ooops…..your hair is so pretty and looks great in all these styling days you’ve just shared. It’s the perfect color and length for you. Your husband must be going nuts seeing you leave for work everyday looking this good, hehe

  2. You look fantastic. I love the brown and pink combo–it’s actually one of my favorites. In fact, those were our wedding colors. I am seriously in love with your bracelet finds. Must go to Joann.

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