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21 day challenge: day 3 (mixing patterns)

did i mention that i was uncomfortable? maybe i didn’t. in case i didn’t, i was soooo nervous about this challenge.

in all my years of dressing myself, successfully i might add, i never imagined that mixing patterns was appropriate. like AT ALL. if you wear a print shirt, you wear solid pants. if you wear a skirt with a print, you wear a solid shirt. i mean duh, how does that not make sense? and how in the world do all these gorgeous pinterest models look so good wearing a striped shirt AND a flower print skirt? how?

so i found myself at kohl’s yesterday (with a $10 off anything coupon). inbetween asking marshall to please stop getting stuck in the racks and trying not to laugh when he would “pretend to lose me” just to get a laugh out of the other shoppers of the lady persuasion (yeah, he’s a ladies man!), i managed to pick up a shirt that was a) on sale and b) a print/style/color that i had been attracted to lately. i had no real plans for it, specifically.

but when i got it into my closet, my eyes went immediately to a pink and cream pinstriped skirt that i love and have had forever. a brown or white solid shirt is my usual go to top with this skirt. but holding it up against my new shirt, i kinda squealed in delight.

could it work? would it match? will i look like a complete idiot wearing stripes and flowers together in the same outfit?

you be the judge?

7 thoughts on “21 day challenge: day 3 (mixing patterns)”

  1. I knew you could do it!!! I couldn’t wait to see what it was going to be, and you made me smile as always. This outfit looks great and matches really well. You look pretty in these colors and love the belt you added. How is that you look good in all colors, what a lucky girl you are. Way to go on taking on this tricky challenge for the day.

    Cute story about Marshall too, my son still does the same thing.

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