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21 day challenge: day 10 + 17 (closet orphan + fix-it)

living in the past…skipping ahead…i’m such a rebel. a little out of order but  a couple of things happened here.

i couldn’t wear this orphaned graphic tee (for day 10) until i sewed this skirt, that used to be a shirt (for day 17). but i actually wanted to wear them together and couldn’t wait until wednesday. so i’m taking the hit and combining 2 days into one outfit.

plus, i had an extra special model who got to wear something i finally fixed for him.

me and my little dude ended up wearing double challenge items today! i’m wearing a shirt that i’ve neglected and a skirt that i’ve had in my fix it pile (it was a shirt that i made into a skirt). marshall is also wearing a pair of shorts that used to be pants that have been neglected for being too short (day 10: orphan) and they had been sitting in my mend pile (day 17: fix it).

this shirt. a fave but i bought it in between kids and it just doesn’t fit as well since the second one. it’s tight at the neck and short in the torso. it’s been in and out of my closet for 4 or 5 years now. i keep thinking i’ll wear it or upcycle it into a bag or something. i recently brightened up the color of the graphics with my new fabric pens so there’s a start. i don’t think i’ll wear it again as a shirt tho. =(

my boys tend to grow up…not out. so i’ve been making their pants into shorts for years. 

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1 thought on “21 day challenge: day 10 + 17 (closet orphan + fix-it)”

  1. awwww you two look adorable together in that picture!! love the blue sky also. what a fun challenge for you, the outfit really looks cute on you especially the colors. how cute little marshall is in his shorts, what a smart mama he has.

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