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21 day challenge: day 15 (new hairstyle) + outfit

we’ll start with the hair since that’s what this challenge is about. pretty sure this is how i wear my hair all the time but look…i wore the headband while my hair was down…something i don’t normally do. gave myself some extra curls too.

and the outfit. i tucked in a shirt that i wouldn’t normally tuck and ended up LOVING it. by the way….this shirt used to be long sleeved…but i used them for ruffles. see how i did it here.

made these earring using 2 of my mom’s old buttons to add to the 50’s look i had going. i bought clip earring bases and just hot glued the button to the base after i cut the button thing off the back. swell?

here’s the whole outfit with shoes. 

See ya over at Real Momma, Real StyleNo Model Lady and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.

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