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5 things: i’m going to do from my pinterest project board

it’s a holiday weekend (a 4-day for me) which means: staying home. avoiding traffic. crafting. bike rides. crafting. (did i already say crafting?)

on friday, i’m heading to my mom and daddy’s to can peaches. they’ve been canning all week since 2 flats were ready to go. i’ll make more strawberry jam too.

then i’ve got three whole days to get my craft on! since i’m totally in the moo,d and bought supplies for a bunch of projects from my pinterest board,Ā i figured this would be a good weekend to make a to-do list.

here are 5 projects i will accomplish by sunday night:

i have a chalk board in my kitchen already. i used to write cute things, or what was for dinner but it’s been wiped clean and neglected for months now. this chalk holder is pretty much the perfect way for me to be inspired to write on it.


with new felt in fall colors and a new chain from michael’s, this seems like a quick and easy necklace to make.


i’ll be putting this monogram (a.) onto ….. that tote bag (down there). i will decide whether or not to do the notebook paper. would be cute with both letter and lines but also cute with just the letter since i would do a black letter and the tote is a clean white. swoon.


via + via

bought myself a foam wreath (holy cow i didn’t realize how freaking expensive they were). i justified it by promising to re-use it each time i switch decor colors/themes. then i have totally gotten my money’s worth. don’t think i will do yellow and grey yet…my fall colors are brown, grey, black and mustard and i plan to use some elements from this super cute pinned wreath i saw. especially the teeny tiny embroidery hoop. oh yes…i have one that small already!


sooooo…what do you have planned for your long weekend?

smiles! andrea

3 thoughts on “5 things: i’m going to do from my pinterest project board”

  1. i’d like a banner necklace please… address to follow! šŸ™‚

    ANDDDD you should totally return the foam wreath & pick up some pool noodles at the dollar store. little duct tape & you don’t have to rip apart your lovely work at the end of each season! šŸ™‚

  2. I love all your ideas and can’t wait to see them. Cool that all 5 are totally different and you will have something new for you and the house. So happy you get a looong weekend to play and craft. I still want to make a “notebook paper shirt” but haven’t found the right white shirt and my walmart still only has pastel fabric markers in stock. Can’t wait till I can finally make it though. It’s crazy how expensive foam wreaths are, I bought one last Christmas and had to make myself buy it and not feel guilty. Can’t wait to see your wreath, I love wreaths for all seasons/holidays!!

    We are going to see fireworks, work in yard, movies, baseball game, seeing family this weekend. I am hoping to scrap and scrap though also. I love holiday weekends.

  3. any thing foam I have noticed is expensive! crazy! This weekend I work, but I have a coupon and gift card to use at joannes this weekend so that is where I will be! On my list if silver trays with some chalkboard paint on them, a gumball machine to hold my daughters hair ties and some nifty lamp shades to make my boring wine glasses pretty for the table! I have them listed on my blog, zoebeancreations.blogspot.com šŸ™‚
    Have a fun weekend!

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