flashback friday

flashback friday: me and my gram

feeling like i need to see her.

thinking that she’s probably in need of some company.

wanting to spend a bit more time with her.

remembering how i used to call her grama strawberry.

knowing she can’t get around as well after heart surgery and a bypass procedure in her leg.

sad that she has a hard time showing her appreciation.

proud of her for still being able to take care of herself.

wishing i had more time to be with her more often.

feeling guilty that i am selfish with my time and put off visits.

committing to seeing her during this weekend.

me and gram: circa 1982

me and gram: 2010

2 thoughts on “flashback friday: me and my gram”

  1. this is so sweet and what a cutie you were when little too. i feel the same way about my grandma and my parents as well. it’s hard to make time when i have the kids/school/life and i’m tired and just want to stay home. hope you can squeeze her in this weekend and give her a big hug and cute pictures. i always feel better after the visit it’s just getting me there that’s hard. love that you called her that too, how cute.

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