jewelry making

felt and lace pendent necklace

i am officially over my crafting hiatus. i have opted out of the last leg of the 21-day challenge just based on me not getting dressed for the last 4 days. i learned a lot and am super proud of some of the outfits i came up with.

so happy Labor Day! hope everyone is relaxing today!

are you in for a few awesome crafts i promised last week? sah-weeet!

it’s been a while since i made myself a piece of jewelry. when this little gem came into view on pinterest…i pinned it immediately. not in style or some random place for later. i put it right in projects to do. this solidified the urgency.

i decided not to do a tutorial since it’s pretty simple to figure out how to make one for yourself. you’ll need felt, lace, jump rings and a chain.


so this is my version. i made the lace smaller than the felt and used a different type of chain.

in hindsight:

i should have connected them together a bit better. the original looks like the pendents are more straight across where mine are curved. what do you think? does it look like pendent flags the way i did it or should i tighten them up?

i am thrilled with the colors i chose and proud of myself for rocking the non-symmetrical thang.
i was also surprised to see such a variety of colors at Michael’s. who knew?

i think i can dress this baby up with a nice outfit for work or wear it with jeans and a tee to add some pretty to a plain outfit.

if you make one…what colors will you pick?

happy crafting!


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7 thoughts on “felt and lace pendent necklace”

  1. soooooo cute! i think they looked linked fine.. i’m guess it’s just a difference in size.. the pinterest one seems a little smaller than yours! it totallly hangs the way a banner should!

  2. you really did great on this necklace, soooo cute!!! I think it looks good the way it is too and you picked out great colors for dress up and casual. Way to go!!

    If I made one mine would be the same color of yours because blues/whites are my favorite colors. I would like something fall color too I think.

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