i don’t even know what to say right now.

i’ve been a little absent from the blog. life’s been a bit busy and honestly i’ve just been relaxing. there really aren’t any crafts i’ve done that warrant an entire post. non-bloggy things have been running the show and that’s okay sometimes.

also, i quit the coke. the carbonated drink that is. last sunday was my last cherry coke in the house. i didn’t buy another 12-pack, even though i knew i was out. it was a tough decision but i passed right by the isle. not really thinking about how tough it would be. by day 2 i was in pure headache mode. day 3 i had half a coke with Chipotle and on friday i had one from a drive thru that we graced for dinner. not having the caffeine has made me tired earlier, therefore not a lot of energy to edit and upload and post.

but i have been up to a little fun…

i’ve been hired to design a couple logos. they are in the very draft stages and not my most favorite designs but i’m glad to be able to get side work.

finally paid a professional to cut my hair. it feels so light and easy but i haven’t taken pictures yet. glad i could keep the length and still do it curly, straight and in a pony.

my lists are half made and in draft stages too…just haven’t had the energy to get all creative this weekend. and today marshall spilled water all over the pile of scraps i had set aside for the rest of my lists. it’s all dry now…ready for another time.

my mom and i canned 3 dozen pints of pears on saturday. half plain, half cinnamon. oh yes.

i managed to wash, dry, fold and put away all the laundry before football started. yes…even the towels.

speaking of football: did exceptionally well in one league…got exceptionally pummeled by a dead team in the other. devastated. truly devastated. and ticked. maaan, i don’t even wanna talk about it.

a sweet and dear friend of mine mailed a second large box of clothes to me late last week. she sent me tons of tops including a grey, turquoise and white cropped blazer. i am in love.

marshall discovered the very large box we had hidden under our bed. it contained a large thomas track that was meant to be for his birthday next month. sneaky little dude. so i had to build it for him after explaining that it was for his birthday and that it’s all he’d be getting now.

so apparently i did have some things to say…sorry there aren’t pictures. i have no posts scheduled for the week coming up but that could change if i get some pep in my step. if anyone has any extra pep…feel free to send it my way. =)

hope everyone else had a good weekend too.




4 thoughts on “i don’t even know what to say right now.”

  1. Awww, sweets! I hate how much caffeine wakes me up, so I understand your struggle! Mine is coffee, I used to LOATHE the stuff but somehow once I became a mama, POOF coffee was my best friend. Sending some prayers and hugs your way!! OH YEAH and thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it’s nice hearing about other FAB women getting married so young or “child bride” as I like to call it. LoL Hope your week starts out RAD!! Love ya!

  2. oh you poor girl, how tough you are quitting the cherry coke cold turkey!! How awesome for you too taking this huge step, my hubby did it with his pepsi too and suffered for a few days as well. Your body will thank you in the long run but it’s still a tough ride for now.
    Glad that your taking this break and it’s a good thing for you too. Miss seeing your pictures of course but it’s all good.

    I can’t believe you ladies canned that many pears, where are you getting the pears from?? Is that something you’ve always done growing up too? That’s awesome to have so much fruit put away for the winter months coming.
    Happy dance for a box of clothes for you, I’ve been looking but not buying yet. Got my daughter a beautiful homecoming dress instead for now. My time will come just have to wait a little longer.
    That Marshall sure is a sneaky dude finding his bday present early, I’ve had that happen before too. Sorry you couldn’t surprise him with it. I also spilled my tea all over my scraps for list making too, they dried but still didn’t look good. Hope your enjoying the weather, we still have mild/cold temps here for now. I just started getting a cold yesterday and today it’s still there, sore throat, stuffy nose and ears are bothering me. I hate being sick even a cold just makes me want to stay in bed all day. That sucks about your football teams, hubby was in first place last night but now down to second place and my dad is doing really bad on his picks. It’s still early though so stay positive and hope for a good turn around.
    I will send you some extra special PEP and ENERGY and FALL to you right away. Hey my new tv shows are starting this week so maybe some of yours are too, that’s a big reason to smile and be happy right!!!
    hugs, dawn

  3. So glad you are back.. I kept checking your blog and was getting worried! SO kicked the coke huh… good luck friend!and I can not wait to see the new hair and all the new clothes you will showing off! Miss ya!

  4. that is too funny about the ‘early’ birthday present. makes me want to go snooping around my house…just in case…nice to see you back! and have fun with the logos!!

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