sunday morning confessions

sweet kristan from adelynSTONE got me thinking about what i would confess with this post. sometimes i clam up when i have to get too deep with myself in a public place so i’ll stay a little on the surface this time.

here goes:

last week i bought a new pair of nobo jeans from wal-mart. yep, walmart. they were $14 and they fit so good i wore them to work 3 days in a row. i’m wearing them as i type this actually. they have a bit of a stretch to them but aren’t clingy. and my boo-tay looks great in them. 3 days in a row…is that bad? i confess that when i find something i like…i get pretty loyal…to the point of obsession.

i photoshop pictures of myself for the blog so my skin looks clearer than it really is. i confess that i do not look like a supermodel and that i don’t need to.

i’m in the middle of a great book but i picked up my hardcover copy of breaking dawn and fell back in love. my twi-life girls and i are getting together 1 night each month to watch the movies before part 1 of breaking dawn comes out. we just watched twilight and even with all of it’s cheese…i still loved every minute. but the books are just sooooo much better and we all know this. i confess that i am a twi-lifer.

i miss baking now that the hubs is trying to slim down. i mean, i make the yummiest soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies (by martha stewart) and i wanna make them now. but if i do, he will eat them all without thinking so i just can’t. thin and healthy looks better than fat tastes. i confess that i need cookies.

i wish that life were more like my design programs. for example: i would like to use ctrl+z to undo things i say. i want to group certain things in the house (like items on a shelf) and move them all at once so i can dust, then move them all back without trying to remember where they were. i want to ctrl+x and ctrl+v to cut and paste stuff from the family room to the rooms they belong in. when i’m in my garage crafting, and it gets too hot or too cold, i want to be able to adjust the temperature like i can to a photo in photoshop. it would be so cool to use the paint bucket tool to magically change the color of my couches every now and then. the stamp tool would be superb for getting rid of the nail and screw holes i constantly have left on my walls after rearranging stuff. i confess that i think about things like this way too much.


what would you confess to if we were sitting down together? do tell!


4 thoughts on “sunday morning confessions”

  1. Yay for another Twihard! Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s just so fun and addictive! A friend of mine and I always take the day off of work and go for a girls day and then go see the film…it’s super fun 🙂 PS. I also photoshop my pictures. I figure if it’s just a little work on my skin, it’s no big deal. It’s not like I’m trying to make the cover of Vogue.

  2. i photoshop (well picnik, cause i don’t have photoshop) the photos of myself too!! haha. my dark undereye circles would surely scare everyone away! and I have to admit to touching up some crowsfeet lines here and there when they’re super visible. haha. You are not a lone friend.

    Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn! Do you think they’re going to make it into a two part movie?

  3. love you girl and your honesty I too find jeans i love buy 2 pairs and wear them out! and walmart heck yes if they fit great BUY them! I may have to join the coffee confession thing.. kind of freeing!

  4. LOL! This was beyond fantastic! I admit, I too wear my jeans multiple days in a row…because I love them that much. If I had pictures of myself, I would photoshop to my heart’s content! I have this one line between my eyebrows…I’m pretty sure it developed due to the last two husbands…I would totally ctrl alt delete if I could…but I have 3 of the most amazing kids ever, so that wouldn’t work. But, if it was photoshop, I could totally take out the parts that were bad, and keep all the good stuff! Wow, that was a ramble! Anywho….this made me laugh…So glad you’re back!

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