retrohipmama style: she’s ba-aaaaack

has it been a while or what? i have been getting dressed at least, just not showing blogland my every outfit. it’s sorta freeing. certainly in the time department. got a little burned out honestly. taking pictures of my outfits everyday was getting tough, especially with my 10yr old photographer being back in school. also, i hit a point when i thought i had used up all my options. i had other silly thoughts like “they’ve already seen this shirt” or “i’ve worn red and yellow together like 100 times”.  i shouldn’t have these thoughts, that’s for sure, but when my clothing choices have been up for public viewing over the last 6 months, one tends to get as little self-conscious.

after a little self pity and some major slacking in getting creative with any of my outfits, a surprise came in the mail. a box of clothes from a super cool friend showed up at my doorstep. sometimes, i can see God working in the little parts of my life. trivial? maybe. but appreciated? most def.

my girl rhiannon of r.h.i. jewelry has, twice now, mailed me a box of clothes that she didn’t wear anymore and knew i’d put them to good use. um…she was spot on because nearly everything in that brown box is now a part of my wardrobe. she has super great style, obviously. =)

last week, i wore some super cute outfits with pieces from rhi’s stuff that i just couldn’t get photographed. for instance, a cropped gray, white and turquoise blazer, a cute girl-figure cut button-up with detailed pleats and a necklace that came off a shirt that didn’t fit well. basically i need to buy more hangers! i will certainly wear them again and will get pics up eventually.

this little number was the only one i captured for the week but it certainly is worth it in my opinion. maybe it’s because the top and jeans are newly purchased. confession: these jeans are the first pair i’ve purchased in almost 2 years. they are soooo comfortable. i’ve decided since they were such a good price that i’m buying a second pair. it’s a done deal man.

top: striped ruffle top + long cardi are one piece (walmart $12)
jeans: no boundaries brand (walmart $14)
owl necklace: made by me (bought the owl and the chain in walmart’s jewelry section. it took 5 minutes to put them together)
white wedges: payless (like a million years ago.)

so that’s it folks. sorry if you were hoping for more than an outfit made entirely from walmart, but that’s all i got. =) shooting for more this coming week.

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6 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: she’s ba-aaaaack”

  1. Cute outfit! And your close-up pic makes your shirt look so creamy!! I understand about needing a break from daily pics. I am in my last week of a clothing challenge and will be glad when it is over so I can have a break from all the pics. Then i can just maybe do highlights from the week or something.

    However, I agree that your thoughts are a deterrent voice that needs the volume turned down :).

    Because I doubt people are keeping track as closely as we think they are!

    I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


  2. I love the shirt! I have a pair of those jeans as well. very, very comfy! and from your last post….i’m guilty I can wear a pair of jeans three days in a row…..everyone does it haha. Glad your back! I’ll be posting a pic of the jewlery you sent me from the giveaway….I dont ever do my make up so I dont want to take a close up of me wearing the jewels and no make up…lol. Have a nice week 🙂

  3. Oh you! Your beautiful, fabulous and wonderful inside and out! And an outfit entirely from Wal-Mart?! I MUST go shopping with you, cause I never find that many SUPER CUTE things from Wally World!! Hugs my dear!

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