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oh chalkboard paint…how i love thee

let me count the ways.


this is one project i’ve done so far and i will quickly tell you about another one real quick. i’ve had a chalkboard in my fake diner kitchen forever now but the board part was cheap and chalk never really wrote very well. the chalk was always light and almost like the chalk never attached to the board. problem solved after 2 coats of chalkboard paint and it’s perfect!


this is our pantry. it’s actually a wardrobe from my IKEA bedroom set but since our crappy house doesn’t have a pantry in the actual kitchen where it would be useful, i sacrificed this piece of furniture for the good of the kitchen.

i’ve seen so many people use chalkboard paint on various things but it was allie from zoe bean creations that inspired me to actually do it. i have no pics of the process but i used painters tape and freezer paper to cover the edges.

 i ended up using it for a shopping list but i might change it to house rules or cute quotes.

here are some tips i figured out after i installed the door back on the hinges:

1) use multiple coats. this surface is slightly corrugated so using 2 coats was not enough to make it flat enough.
2) allow it to dry completely for 24 hours before using the chalk. i get a little antsy with projects like this and used the chalk to make sure it worked and it ended up scratching off the paint and indenting  where i had written.

it’s been 3 weeks since i took these pics so obviously i DIDN’T buy cherry coke at the store (patting myself on the back a little). i am also going to take the door back off and spray a few new costs on it while the weather is cool and before it rains.

and i have decided in the length of time it took to write this post, that i will be writing our house rules on it. been dying to put them somewhere and this is just the place.

might even update this post when i do!


3 thoughts on “oh chalkboard paint…how i love thee”

  1. Way to go on your chalkboard!! I like that it’s not the typical ones we see. I think it’s cool to put on the door too instead of the wall. Now I need to finally do this for me, have been wanting one for years. Love the idea of house rules there too, that’s what I need in my house!! Please share more when you do.

    Enjoy your break from blogland, you deserve it!!
    hugs and happy weekend!!

  2. Love it! thanks for the shoutout! You used the spray paint? or actual paint? it looks great 🙂 I’ve sprayed 3 more trays and now I am finding containers for my daughters toys to spray paint labels on them lol. its addicting!

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